A Weekend Away in Kelseyville: Part 1

It’s early fall in Lake County when the long warm summer days have yet to give way to autumn’s chill. A new school year is underway, and it’s time to settle back into a regular routine once again. Or is it? With most family vacations over for summer, and everyone planning for their holiday getaways, this might be the best time of year to get away for the weekend. 

It’s a short fifteen-minute drive from our home in Loch Lomond to the small town of Kelseyville. Tall oaks and pine trees stretch high into the sky on the meandering road showing off their bright green brilliant colors against the late afternoon blue sky. Settled at the edge of Mt. Konocti is the country town of Kelseyville. Our only plan once the car is parked at Suites On Main is not to leave town for the weekend. Luckily, Suites On Main had a room available for our spontaneous getaway. Pack as little or as much as you want because every room comes with a full kitchen, living room, and bedroom. The Suites also have a shared gated courtyard and BBQ. It’s the perfect getaway for two or with friends. With storefronts facing Mian Street and the majority of rooms behind, the quiet settles, and the busy week finally comes to an end. 

After relaxing with a glass of Chacewater’s Old Vine Zinfandel, our first difficult decision has to be made: Where to eat? There’s always fine dining at the Saw Shop Public House and spectacular pizza at Pogos, but takeout at Carmelita’s Mexican restaurant wins the hand toss. 

This family-owned restaurant is a favorite for locals. A glass-framed wooden door rings a bell as it swings open, alerting everyone that another patron’s coming in for a tasty meal. To the left stand two small refrigerators filled with traditional Mexican sodas and beer. Off the right is a causal dining area where rough-cut wood makes each table. But before you settle down, take a glance at the menu hanging above the register, and place your order. There’s no rush.

Once you’ve placed your order, prepare yourself for what is quite possibly the highlight of the dining experience: the salsa bar. Take your choice of pickled carrots, radishes, onions, and salsas. You like green salsa? They have it. You like chunky or spicy? It’s there too. All these salsas are housemade and not anything you could pick up at the store. In no time at all, the order is bagged and ready for your enjoyment. Of course, we chose take-out, so we could get back to our room.

We walk the few steps up to Suite on Main through the street entrance; it’s only two doors away from Carmelita’s, or just a quick trip around the corner to the wood-gated entrance to the courtyard. 

The evening is cooling, making the short leisurely walk pleasant as the day settles to evening. We settle down in the courtyard on two green metal chairs, enjoying good conversation, comforting food, and fine wine. High up in the sky, stars slowly begin to reveal their splendor as the dark of the evening grows. Yes, the week has finally passed into a distant memory, joining all the other busy weeks from before. But this, this moment will last forever.

To book a room at Suites on Main, visit their website or call 707-349-5682.

Carmelita’s Cocina is located at 3919 Main St. in Kelseyville. Hours of operation are 11-7, Tuesday through Saturday. They are closed Sunday and Monday. (707) 279-5061.

Trudy Wakefield

Trudy is the owner and editor for The Bloom. The Bloom's dedicated to showcasing all the good parts of life. If it's good news, you'll probably find it here.

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