American White Pelicans: Poetry by Kathleen Scavone

American White Pelicans
Pensively plumb the skies above Clear Lake
An ancient bird on an ancient lake
Superbly soaring, snow white elegance
Marked with-black-tipped flight feathers

Majestically skim the lyrical lake, 
Leisurely wingbeats keeping time.
Pelicans are in possession of 
An aerodynamic phenomenon or 'ground effect' 
Altering airflow patterns to their advantage
Energy conservationists, they fly in V-formation,
A wedge of white floats ghost-like just above water's edge
Then, rising on thermals like their shadowy cousins, the turkey vulture
Wheeling round and round,  creating a great circle of mystery!
White pelican-  winner of the energy conservation prize
Kathleen Scavone

Kathleen Scavone, MA., is a retired educator who has resided in beautiful Lake County for over 45 years. She freelances fiction, poetry, nature writing, curriculum ideas, and local history. She writes for The Press Democrat, Napa Valley Register, News From Native California, Green Prints, etc. She has published three books, a play and a poetry chapbook. The second edition of her locally set historical novella, People of the Water- a novella of the events leading to the Bloody Island Massacre of 1850 is available in local museums and stores, as well as on Amazon.com and IngramSpark in both paperback and e-book formats. She has written Anderson Marsh State Historic Park- A Walking History, Prehistory, Flora and Fauna tour of a California State Park, and Native Americans of Lake County. Kathleen is a photographer and potter. Her other interests include hiking, assisting on archaeology digs, travel, gardening and reading.

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