Antiques and Good Conversation: Two Sisters Antiques

Entering the courtyard’s just the beginning of the journey when you head in to meet the Two Sisters. A couple Radio Flyer wagons and a bubbling fountain filled with fish first greet you, followed by metal buckets, washbasins, and statues, the appropriate overflow of any good antique store. Then you’ll make your way up the stairs and meet them. Tina and Robin Kingsley stand in the middle of their store, looking at all the things they have collected over the years. They’re surrounded by embroidery, ceramics, galvanized tubs, candles, figurines, games, and various other good finds.

We’ve got a little bit of everything,” Robin says, a smile in her words.

“A lot of everything!” Tina interjects.

“We used to go to quilt shows, where we would sell embroidery under our other business, ‘Bird Brain Designs.’ And we’d stop at antique stores after each show.”

Trudy looks admiringly at one of her small embroidered decorative quilts hanging from the wall. It’s easy to get lost in the Two Sister’s antique store when every object tells a story and piques the imagination.

“We had the antique stores mapped out,” Tina says.

“We’d drive into town and pick all the antique shops out ahead of time. That way, we could get them all in.”

“How many years did we do that?”

“Twenty at least,” Robin replies. “And we had a huge collection of antiques.”

“But our kids don’t want any of it!” Tina retorts. “So, I cleaned out my house, and we opened the store.”

“To sell their inheritance.”

“We’re selling it all!”

That’s how conversations work at Two Sisters, where hanging out with Tina and Robin might be the most enjoyable part of your day. It’s obvious they’re related, as well as inseparable. Tina’s the one with the curly brown hair and double-pierced ears. Robin’s hair’s frosted. But they’ve got the same smiles, the same bright twinkle in their eyes, and they’re the same height.

“I’m shrinking!” Tina laughs. “I used to be 5’2”. Then I just measured myself, and I’m 4’11”.  It’s part of getting old.”

“We’re old ladies,” Robin adds. “And can’t do as much now.”

“But Robin always wants to move things around the store.  That’s why we put everything on casters. See?” Tina points to a curio cabinet. “And I tell her that if she moves one thing, we have to move others as well!”

Ben Van Steenburgh, an artist who displays in The Painted Bird Gallery next door, walks in as we chat. He grabs a dozen eggs from a stack on the counter.

“I just wanted to pick up some of your eggs,” he says, handing Tina $5.

“No problem,” she replies, taking the cash.  Ben thanks her and heads out, eggs in hand.

“You know, we’ve got more eggs than we know what to do with,” Tina says, turning to us.

“She gets thirty to forty a day!” Robin adds.

“I had fifty or so chickens, and then a friend gave me her flock. It was fine when they were babies, but now they’re all grown up. I’ve got almost a hundred now!

“She has more eggs than she knows what to do with.”

 And,” Tina pauses, “I just got a pair of senior mini donkeys. I had geese, but one by one, the bobcats were getting them until they were all gone. Now I’ve got two pet donkeys. The bobcat hasn’t gotten it yet,” she says with resolution.

More customers walk into the store, and our conversation with Robin and Tina sadly must end.  

But the Two Sisters aren’t going anywhere, and they’ll gladly chat any time. If you want a complete holiday shopping experience, you’re bound to find something for someone here. And you’re guaranteed to be all the better for meeting these Two Sisters.

Two Sisters Antiques:

3988 Main St, Kelseyville, CA 95451

(707) 738-2465

Open Wednesday 11-4

Thursday through Saturday 11-5

Two Sisters Facebook Page

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