Jordan O' Halloran

Jordan O'Halloran lives in Kelseyville, California with her partner, roommate, and cat. She is addicted to the smell of books, bright colors, and caffeine. A huge advocate for mental health and kindness, she spends every waking moment thinking of the perfect first line. When not writing, you can find her eating cheese, painting, or sleeping. You can follow her writing journey on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter as Jordanjotsjoy.

Poetry Out Loud

In a record-breaking snowstorm for Lake County, the yearly Poetry Out Loud event still happened. On Sunday, February 26th, 2023. Jordan O’Halloran, the coordinator for the event, was on her way to the event from Kelseyville Rivera when she got a text that changed everything. Mike Adams, the manager of the Soper Reese, stated the power had gone out.

Local Fiction: Clean Up on Aisle Three

Young Lucy McBride is an ordinary teenager who lives with her mother, Kelly, and her mom’s boyfriend, Chuck. She works at a grocery store owned by Chuck and his father, Raymond. One morning, Lucy discovers the dead body of Raymond on aisle 3, and her life is changed forever. Clean Up on Aisle Three is a young adult thriller mystery book that follows the story of Lucy, a teen who finds herself lost in the world. After witnessing a death, she begins to question herself, her mental state, and the people surrounding her. As she struggles to find her place in the world, she reconnects with a long-lost aunt, finds comfort in a loving boyfriend, and surrounds herself with friends. Will Lucy rise above her struggles and be able to break away from the shackles of her family, or will she surrender and let dread sink her dreams of freedom? Read Chapter One for free on The Bloom!

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