Lila Kihn

I have been an avid reader all my life and always written poetry/prose. It wasn’t until later in life that writing short stories and novels came to mind. I love the inner worlds of people and the beauty of nature. Stories can change how we view the world.

The Deer Whisperer of Anderson Springs

Mitsy….standing there with her dark blue wide-brimmed hat shielding her from the sun, impenetrable sunglasses which make it hard to truly connect with her, is talking to me? Speaking with me? Talking at me? I would say it is a conversation, except that there are not many spaces to make a full reply. There are moments of pause, silence just enough to get in a funny agreeable remark or two. Still, it is fully enjoyable on my end, if not like being part of a movie scene in which I am faintly a part of but mostly watching.

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