Balancing the Chaos in My Brain – Why Peace is Not Overrated: by Lori Armstrong

Being a true crime writer for the news can take a toll on my psyche if I am not careful. Careful to address the issues. Careful to not become numb to violence. Careful to find my peace.

After years of working in law enforcement and the legal field, I accepted a long-term writing assignment to cover the true crime news updates for a local newspaper. I was beginning to feel the constant reporting on violence to be an accepted normality in life.

Through health struggles and unfortunate life encounters, the realization of creating my own peaceful path was not self-evident to me for many years. The struggles became habitual and I accepted it as a normal way of life. Had I accepted being stuck or did I have a choice?

It seemed the realization of possessing the golden ticket (the opportunity to make positive changes) was crowded with thoughts of despair. The only person who could jump of the crazy train was me. Similar to the animated lightning bolt above our heads when we encounter a groundbreaking idea, I was struck with the realization that I had an opportunity to get off the locomotive and reevaluate my unfortunate situation. Our lives should always be a priority as we cannot help others until we help ourselves.

It was not until my last breakdown, I questioned a better way of life. I questioned a new positive direction. I questioned the possibility of following my dreams. Were there reasonable options available, waiting to be discovered?

A fresh new outlook formed inside my brain and it seemed to take months for my mind to settle from the pain, the trauma and the struggles I left behind. After leaving a toxic relationship and a dead-end job, peace almost felt too good to be true.

While the life-changing backup plan was in the works, true happiness was not immediate. There were steps to be taken and the motivational journey was worth every step.

The first monumental discovery was how much clearer my thought process had become once I tossed my “stuck” life in the trash. There was finally a long awaited change present that made room for the positive aspects of life to enter my mind once again.

Being a true crime writer for a local newspaper, I balance the chaos in my brain by writing children’s books and reflective stories of peace.

All of our lives should be treated as a priority. We have one life and the choices we make along the way matter. Of course we will make some unfavorable decisions along the way, but that does not mean we cannot make minor changes or drastic changes along our journey of life, in order to find our peace.

Once I made the decision to stand up and move ahead with my new life plan, leaving the only home I knew, there would always be that reminder that I had accomplished peace before. Repeat. If necessary, I could always find my peaceful path once again.

We can be our worst enemy if we continue to stand in our own way. Be your own remedy – not your obstacle.  

Being a full-time writer took immense time and planning, but once my mind was made up, there was no looking back.

Life evolves. Life is ever-changing. Once we realize change is upon us, it is our will to either stay grounded or move toward a new goal.

Some of you may wonder why the foundation of inner peace is important – the ability to achieve a mental calm without disturbing fears, recognizing you are in control of your mood and reactions.

Once you discover your inner peace, you may attain the ability to cope with situations in a healthy way, transforming anxieties and fears into productive steps of personal growth.

Inner peace is not overrated as there are even health benefits that can improve our quality of life through better sleep, embrace happiness, improve our relationships through patience and tolerance, helping us cope with the stresses of daily life.

While we are never able to eliminate stress or fears within our lives, we can make choices to see the world around us as better and brighter. Choose your battles as they will still come and go as others may be filled with rage or insincerity, but keep your mind balanced with the realities of life and your options open to be able to remove the chaos.

Even though life is filled with nasty realities, we do have the power to find our peace. Peace can be different for us all.

Peace is your golden ticket to a better life.

Lori Armstrong

Lori began her career in the legal field, leaving that position to pursue full-time writing endeavors. Being a criminal court reporter for the Record-Bee, she balances the chaos in her brain by writing children's books and reflective pieces. When time allows, she publishes books for Amazon.

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