Book Review: Bubbly Jock Jack and the Brash Bully

Have you ever been bullied or known others who have been bullied? If so, you probably also know what it feels like and how difficult it can be. But, have you ever heard of why a bully might be bullying? That’s exactly what Lori Armstrong talks about in Bubbly Jock Jack and the Brash Bully. We catch up with Bubbly Jock Jack, now happily living on Cluck Cluck Farm in rural Lake County, when a bully comes out of nowhere and hurts him. Suddenly filled with fear, Bubbly Jock Jack is forced to go on the run to escape the bully.

Jack has the brilliant idea of staying at Peace and Plenty Farm in the barn and far away from his bully. Melinda and her husband Simon agree to the arrangement. To Bubbly Jock Jack’s surprise, he meets lots of people and makes many new friends at Peace and Plenty. Not only that, but he gets a new perspective of why a bully might bully. There, Simon, co-owner of the farm, offers him some good advice.

Simon is not only a hard-working farmer like Melinda, but he is a wise man, too. He shares with Jack the time one of his friends was acting like a bully and how he handled it: “We gathered his friends and family asked him why he was behaving so badly,” Simon told Jack. “He told us he was sad and angry that his best friend was gone.” That made Jack think. Perhaps his bully was hurting from something that happened to him, too. Thus begins Bubbly Jock Jack’s journey to find healing. Does he face his bully again? Read the book to find out.

Author Lori Armstrong brings inspirational thoughts and a fresh perspective to a difficult topic of our time. She does a compelling job of addressing the fears associated with being bullied and presents a positive spin to something that, for so many, can be troubling and difficult. This is a must-read for kids and adults who deal with bullying, as well as those who bully. It’s a book meant for early readers, but it also is perfect to be read aloud to younger children, and is just the right length for a bedtime read.

To purchase a copy of Bubbly Jock Jack and the Brash Bully, head here. And if you haven’t had a chance to read the first book in the series, Bubbly Jock Jack and the Thanksgiving Fallacy, you can find it here

Trudy Wakefield

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