California State Digital Equity Plan: Public Survey

The internet is critical to everyday life. Yet 1 out of 5 Californians do not have access to affordable, reliable broadband internet, devices, or the skills to use them. Due to this gap, referred to as the digital divide, many are unable to obtain jobs, advance in their careers, participate in online education, or access healthcare and essential government services.

The California Department of Technology (CDT) has developed one of the most accessible and innovative digital equity surveys in the nation to help achieve Broadband for All Californians. The survey will help identify digital equity barriers and needs of Californians living in unserved and underserved communities to help inform the State’s Digital Equity Plan, which once submitted and approved by the NTIA, will qualify California for additional funds to ensure that all Californians have access to affordable and reliable broadband internet service, devices, and skills training.

The survey is mobile-friendly, available in English and 13 other languages, and has an audio option to hear spoken, recorded questions to collect a wide variety of input, including responses from Californians with vision or reading impairments. The survey also includes an interactive speed test, enabling users to measure their internet speed in real-time and report it in their survey response.

Take the Survey for your household now. Hurry, the deadline for collecting feedback is June 30, 2023.

We Need Your Help

Organizational leaders, your help is necessary to truly reach the Californians that need digital equity services the most. CDT is enlisting everyone’s input to create a Digital Equity Plan that works for all Californians

We are calling on ALL individuals, agencies, businesses, and organizations that want to ensure Californians have the connection, devices, and skills to succeed in the digital age to commit to sharing the Digital Equity Survey with their communities.

Please share the survey using the Partner Toolkit as your guide.

We have also compiled detailed instructions to help you share the survey as widely as possible. Please see here to access: English | Spanish.

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