Camping in Lake County, Part 5: Quail Mesa Ranch

The cool crisp air and clear nights make winter a great time of year for RV exploring. A stillness can almost be felt as nature slumbers in these shorter days and long nights. But it’s no bother with the added layer of a blanket and a hot beverage next to the crackling campfire, the only sound to be heard on this dark, peaceful night. Welcome to Quail Mesa Ranch, your Harvest Host for the evening. 

Only a few short hours ago, the hillside was bustling with curious sheep paying a visit to the campsite, eager to receive free handouts if one catches the not-so-subtle hints. Once curiosity is satiated, they trudge off without a care in the world to see what else there is to see. Further down the hill, hens cluck and peck, making happy calls as they gossip amongst themselves. They seem to not care in the least about a half-hearted attempt to join in their conversion or a hello. It seems they have better things to do.

A short meander away, a quiet pond welcomes its guests for a visit as time seems to stand still, and thoughts seem unnecessary and bothersome. The moment passes as one’s mind quiets. The chirp of a bird breaks the trance as reality creeps back into consciousness. The choice remains to continue to walk and explore or return to the campsite; perhaps daylight is the deciding factor. There’s just enough time to see the top of the hill. A suspended deck for adults or an open tree house for kids awaits, with views cascading down into the valley and beyond. If one is lucky, owner Jesse just might offer a tour of the land with the help of his side-by-side, making the trek effortless. Up in the boughs of the oak, easy conversations come naturally as Jesse explains the hows and whats to ranch life. His friendliness makes this adventure that much more warm and inviting. 

Somewhere below, the campsite beckons one’s return. Jesse begins his evening chores with a short drive down the hill and a brief goodnight. With the purchase of a dozen fresh eggs, one can already look forward to tomorrow’s breakfast on the ranch. 

The animals are now bedded down for the evening; winter rest resumes its sleep as if the day’s activity was a mere dream. The last hues of daylight glow brightly against the distant hills and mountains. This isn’t a moment to be rushed as each minute’s gift fades away. 

Behind the parked RV is stacked firewood promising to warm the evening chill. An outdoor sink and counter meet all one’s outdoor kitchen needs, with more than enough space to host a large group for a special gathering. Decorative lights illuminate the campsite making it easy for the evening’s arrangements. If that’s not enough, this campsite offers a full hookup for its guests, making this harvest host an exceptional destination year-round with suggested donations for its amenities.

The flickering of firelight against the dark stary night sets the mood. A hush encircles, making conversation other than the occasional whisper seem rude. There is no need to rush, nowhere to go, and nothing better to do than just enjoy the serenity. 

My husband and I had a great time at Quail Mesa Ranch. Jesse was easy to reach and accommodating. the location is beautiful! It has vast views of Mt. Saint Helena and the Mayacamas range. We got some of their eggs and thoroughly enjoyed them. It’s a perfect quiet getaway in the country. I highly recommend a stay.

Trudy Wakefield

Trudy is the owner and editor for The Bloom. The Bloom's dedicated to showcasing all the good parts of life. If it's good news, you'll probably find it here.

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