“The Only Smoke They Should be Exposed to” – Prizewinning Essay by Alani Ethelbah

They hadn’t come home in a long time. That’s why the elders are mad. The roundhouse is a sacred place for our people. It’s where we go to bring in the new year, to give the newborn babies their native names, to celebrate our strawberry festival. It’s where we go to heal and connect with our culture and pay respect to our traditions. Yet there are people who turn their backs to it all. People who never come home. The elders are mad. They say that these people have lost their way. That they are poisoned. No good.

Lake County Music Guide – 9.19.23

With it now being Autumn, we can expect some of the outdoor live music events to one by one either go indoors or else simply discontinue until next Spring. And with a last-minute addition to the K’ville Street Dance, there are only 2 of those left, the first one happening this coming Thursday. Plus, there are only 97 more days to get your Christmas shopping done. It’s true what they say, “Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like an apple” … But at least this week we have a couple of special events to go along with the regularly scheduled ones. Here’s the live music guide for the week of 8/19 through 8/25…

Lake County Music Guide – 9.12.23

After the hella fun we’ve had these last few weeks, it’s kinda nice to see things settle down a bit. Not that there isn’t any music this week, on the contrary – there’s gonna be plenty. See for yourselves – here’s the live music schedule for the week of 9/12 through 9/18…

Lake County Music Guide – 9.5.23

Sorry, but I gotta rush through this week’s music guide. I’m off to the Blue Wing Blues Fest featuring Daniel Castro tonight. Woohoo! Hope I get everything, but if I omit someone, please let me know and I’ll edit it in Tuesday morning before I post. So, here’s the live music schedule for the week of 9/5 through 9/11…

Lake County Music Guide – 9.30.23

Normally I’m annoyed when both the bands and venues neglect to post their upcoming shows and I have to search the world over to get that info. But this week it’s different because of what’s going on in The LC – The Lake County Fair and The Blue Wing Saloon’s Blues Festival! Pretty much sez it all… I’ll list the Blue Wing events with the BWS listings, the LCF I have already been posted separately. And over the weekend, these events will overlap to bring you one of the best weekends of music you’ll hear all year. I’m playing Saturday at the gazebo in the LC County Fair with Randy Hood and I’m going to the Monday night BWSBF show. Too much fun, folks! So, here’s the live music schedule for the week of 8/28 through 9/7…

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