Lake County Music Guide – 6.12.24

Man, oh man! There sure is a lot going on this week in LC Land. The highlights will be Baconfest in Kelseyville and Middletown Days. So, fasten your seatbelts, folks, it’s gonna be an E-Ticket Ride. I only hope I get it all in the guide. And, fair warning – it’s gonna get hot this week. Here’s the live music schedule for the week of 6/11 through 6/17…

Lake County Music Guide – 6.4.24

I’m getting old and I don’t read so right. Can somebody enlighten me about the “Parade of Planets”? Did it happen this morning or is it tomorrow morning? In case you haven’t been told, Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, Mars, Neptune and Saturn will all appear to be aligned with each other just before sunrise. It’s kinda cool stuff if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s awfully nice of the planets to be so orderly. Anyways, the live music in Lake County should be just as stellar this week, and so, without further ado here’s the live music schedule for the week of 6/4 through 6/10…

Bringing Back the Beat: Lake County’s Lip Sync Journey

Lip Sync is back!   Depending on who you ask, Lip Sync got its start in Lake County either 14 or 15 years ago.  But, did you know that it did not originate in Lake County?  Robert Boccabella of Business Design Services recalls that originally, Lip Sync was an event that the Rotary of Petaluma hosted.  It was headed by Jan Parkinson for several years back in the 90’s.   Boccabella performed in the Petaluma iteration as Garth Brooks and appeared for multiple years before Parkinson moved away and Lip Sync died out.

Lake County Music Guide – 5.21.24

Boy, oh boy, it’s gonna be a wild and wooly week! Memorial Day weekend, Bottlerock Music Festival going on in Napa County, Cal Expo in Sacramento, and there’s gonna be a boatload of live music events happening here in The LC. I’ll start out with Memorial Day Events. On Saturday, the Lakeport Kiwanis Club and Community Center will have a pancake breakfast from 7:AM to 11:AM. Following breakfast, the City of Lakeport, the Ladies of the Lake, and Oscar Tango Mike will present a Memorial Day March down Main Street starting at 11 AM. Then, on Monday, the Middletown Cemetery and the Military Funeral Honors Team of Lake County, and the Patriot Guard Riders will honor the Fallen from 9: AM to 10 AM. So, without further ado, here’s the live music schedule for the week of 5/21 through 5/27…

Lake County Music Guide – 5.14.24

Alas, too many live music events, so little time… But bear in mind, I still have the used ACME Clone-a-Matic for sale, needs work. Just sayin’… I’ll be listing a couple of non-music events but only because their venues often provide live music. See, I promote both the bands AND the venues – can’t have one without the other. And it’s “Wine Adventure” weekend here in The LC, so, fasten your seatbelts, folks – here’s the live music schedule for the week of 5/14 through 5/20…

Deep Heart’s Core 

Two days into her retirement from the elementary school where she’d taught fifth grade for 30 years, Pam called her brother, Alan. Alan lived on the opposite side of the county in a small, Craftsman-style home on Clear Lake.  “I’m taking you up on your offer to hang out for a day or two.”

Lake County Music Guide – 10.31.23

I just read how there are quite a few slang words many of us Boomers and Millennials still use that have become so outdated it’s embarrassing to some to just hear them used. Words like; groovy, rad, fo shizzle, tubular, cowabunga, righteous, bitchin, bogus, cool beans, word and psyche. Bummer, Dude, that eliminates most of my vocabulary… Slang is for the most part a regional expression and much of it is embedded in the lexicon associated with certain eras. Well, maybe I’m just getting senile, but I stand by the slang words I grew up with. Who’s with me?!?… Um…, okay, here’s the live music guide for the week of 10/31 through 11/6…

“The Only Smoke They Should be Exposed to” – Prizewinning Essay by Alani Ethelbah

They hadn’t come home in a long time. That’s why the elders are mad. The roundhouse is a sacred place for our people. It’s where we go to bring in the new year, to give the newborn babies their native names, to celebrate our strawberry festival. It’s where we go to heal and connect with our culture and pay respect to our traditions. Yet there are people who turn their backs to it all. People who never come home. The elders are mad. They say that these people have lost their way. That they are poisoned. No good.

Two Poems by Sam Lewis

Starlings When the corn is down and the fields lay brown starlings flock together. Wheeling…


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