Deep Heart’s Core 

Two days into her retirement from the elementary school where she’d taught fifth grade for 30 years, Pam called her brother, Alan. Alan lived on the opposite side of the county in a small, Craftsman-style home on Clear Lake.  “I’m taking you up on your offer to hang out for a day or two.”

Two Poems by Sam Lewis

Starlings When the corn is down and the fields lay brown starlings flock together. Wheeling…

Grow Damn It! A Debut Novel by Lake County Resident Cheryl Oreglia

Cheryl is a whippersnapper with prose and humor. She’s tough and loving, and takes no shit. And she can tell a story that won’t make you want to close the book. “Idleness is not the root of all evil, as the Jones would have you think. It is the fertilizer, which is required, if you wish to Grow Damn It!”

Poetry Out Loud

In a record-breaking snowstorm for Lake County, the yearly Poetry Out Loud event still happened. On Sunday, February 26th, 2023. Jordan O’Halloran, the coordinator for the event, was on her way to the event from Kelseyville Rivera when she got a text that changed everything. Mike Adams, the manager of the Soper Reese, stated the power had gone out.

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