Holiday Reading from The Bloom: A Child’s Christmas in Wales

Over the years, our family has enjoyed some Christmas reading. We’ve read through The Little Match Girl, The Elves and the Shoemaker, A Christmas Carol, Sherlock Holmes and The Adventures of the Blue Carbuncle, and many other great stories. But one of our favorites is poet Dylan Thomas’ A Child’s Christmas in Wales, which we read every Christmas Eve. It’s a beautiful story that shares Christmas memories from over one hundred years ago. If you’re looking for an enjoyable short read, here’s a link to a public domain version:

Book Review: Bubbly Jock Jack and the Brash Bully

Author Lori Armstrong brings inspirational thoughts and a fresh perspective to a difficult topic of our time. She does a compelling job of addressing the fears associated with being bullied and presents a positive spin to something that, for so many, can be troubling and difficult. This is a must-read for kids and adults who deal with bullying, as well as those who bully.

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