Celebrate 75 Years of Conservation: Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest Anniversary Hike & Festivities Await

Please join us in celebrating the 75th anniversary of Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest in Cobb. Enjoy a leisurely two-and-a-half-hour hike on trails restored by Friends of Boggs Mountain while Forester Richard Bucher relates the history and current forest management practices utilized by Cal Fire on June 22 starting at 9:00 am.

County of Lake Basic Business Credit Assistance Workshop: 5.23.24

On Thursday, May 23, 2024, at 10 am the County of Lake will host its final no cost small and micro business training workshop under the current Microenterprise Technical Assistance program.  This workshop will help current and prospective business owners understand the basics of credit.  It will be held at the Lower Lake Town Hall located at 16195 Main Street Lower Lake, CA 95457.

Kelseyville Schools Honor Community through Murals

Last month, we unveiled beautiful new murals on the campuses of Kelseyville High School (KHS) and Kelseyville Elementary School, designed and painted by members of the KHS Native American Club in collaboration with local students and community partners. It was an amazing feat of engineering (these murals are massive), creativity, and cooperation.

Community Sculpture Making Honors The Resilience of Nature at Middletown’s Trailside Park

The Middletown Art Center is excited to extend a heartfelt invitation to the community to join us in a transformative art project.  Titled Ouroboros, the project aims to unite residents in creating a new sculpture for the EcoArts Sculpture Walk at Trailside Park. The sculpture symbolizes the cycle of life and the remarkable resilience of nature after the fire. The piece is a component of the MAC’s ongoing RECIPROCITY project, which utilizes art to foster community and provide healing to both individuals and the environment.

Celebrate the Grand Opening of Ely Museum’s Richard Paddock Blacksmith Shop

In the 1800’s, every town in Lake County had a blacksmith shop. Without the blacksmith’s wares, there would be no transportation (wagons and horse equipment), no houses (nails, hinges, etc.), no farm equipment, and very little infrastructure (roads, communication, etc.).  The blacksmith shop WAS the hardware store of the period.

The Ely Museum is bringing a working Lake County Blacksmith Shop back to life as a window into the past.

Come out to the Historical Society Member’s Picnic and watch blacksmithing in action.  The picnic is free to members and $10/person for non-members (but free if you become a member at the gate).

Get Ready for the 40th Annual Catfish Derby!

The Catfish Derby, known as the biggest west of the Mississippi, is about to launch.  The widely popular event in Clearlake Oaks runs from May 17 through the 19th when the winners are announced and the community joins in to enjoy some bar-b-que, catch up with friends and  celebrate the winners. 

L.C. Symphony Plays Favorites from “Golden Age” of American Music for Mother’s Day Pops Concert

This year’s Mother’s Day Pops Concert is not to be missed! Conductor-music director-arranger John Parkinson will lead the Lake County Symphony in an unforgettable program consisting of some of the best of American music from the “Great American Songbook” on May 12 at the Soper Reese Theatre in Lakeport. This timeless collection of melodies and jazz standards were recorded by top vocalists like Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, and Doris Day during what has been called the “Golden Age” of American music. Many of these songs were written specifically for stage and screen productions by some of our most celebrated composers, including George and Ira Gershwin, Cole Porter, Hoagy Carmichael and Stephen Sondheim.

Hands-On Nature Experience: Lake County Students Delight in ‘Field Day on the Creek

The Lake County Resource Conservation District (LCRCD) held its annual “Field Day on the Creek,” on Earth Day, April 22, allowing scores of young Middletown and Cobb area students to enjoy hands-on nature experiences. Students learned about local birds and their feeding behaviors, native trees to Lake County, fish that live in Putah Creek, and the unique geology of this area.

“Senior Days” Returns to Anderson Marsh State Park

Anderson Marsh Interpretive Association (AMIA) has announced that registration is now open for a special series of “Senior Days” events to be held during June and July at Anderson Marsh State Historic Park.  The Senior Days events will offer a series of special enjoyable programs for seniors designed to help them learn more about Lake County and the park.  The Senior Days will feature separate morning and afternoon sessions every other Saturday, beginning on June 1 and ending on July 13.  There will be a $5 registration fee for each program attended.

Come Discover the Untold Story of Apollo 15

Come along for the ride as we simulate in the planetarium an epic yet seldom told tale of adventure and discovery. In July of 1971 Astronaut Dave Scott landed the Apollo Lunar Module high in the Apennine Mountains of the moon at the edge of a deep canyon. It was the most dangerous and daring  of all the Apollo landing sites. The site was chosen for its potential to answer the most questions about the history of the Moon and Earth. What were the risks and what was discovered?

Water, a Cosmic Adventure: Showing at the Taylor Observatory

This show celebrates our relationship with water and the cosmos. Join astrophysicist Eva Luna as she explores the turbulent origins of hydrogen and oxygen in the Universe and discovers how they combined into the most essential molecules on Earth, H2O. Thanks to realistic 3D animations and breathtaking live footage, this story takes you on a journey to the Atacama Desert in Chile, where ESO’s ground-breaking telescopes assist in searching for new planets that contain this essential molecule. Where there is water, there can be life.

Please Join Resilient Lake County’s Comprehensive Prevention Plan Launch May 23, 2024, 11am-2pm, at Robinson Rancheria

Resilient Lake County is pleased to invite the Community to Comprehensive Prevention Plan (CPP) Launch on May 23, 2024, from 11-2 at Robinson Rancheria. Resilient Lake County is a subcommittee of the Lake County Children’s Council with a current mission of implementing the CPP to lessen Child Abuse in our community.  This process is part of the Federal Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) which allows counties to use funding to develop child abuse prevention strategies particular to their community. 

Public Input Sought to Select Designs for the Water Basket Project

The Middletown Rancheria of Pomo Indians of California, Callayomi County Water District, and the Middletown Art Center (MAC) are pleased to invite residents from Middletown Unified School District and South Lake County Fire Protection District areas to vote in the Water Basket project design selection.

Konocti Women’s Service Club (KWSC) Hosts Exciting Luau Fundraiser to Support Local Children in Need

The Konocti Women’s Service Club (KWSC) supports our local schools, charitable organizations, and Lake County families in need. One hundred percent of the money raised is used to help children who are at risk or in need in Lake County. Our Club’s largest fundraiser this year will be an enjoyable and exciting “Luau.” It will take place at Konocti Harbor Resort in Kelseyville on Sunday, June 2, 2024, from 5:00 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Ukiah Proudly Announces Upcoming Community Events

Buffie Campbell-Schmidt: Memory & Legacy The Ukiah Branch Library staff invites the community to join us for Art Walk Ukiah on Friday, May 3 from 5 – 7 p.m. This month, we will feature Buffie Campbell-Schmidt and her art of traditional Pomo basket weaving.

Start as Visitors, Leave as Friends: The Big Valley, Small Farms Tour

There’s nowhere like Big Valley and no farms like these. Mark Lipps says the tour is simple; just bring yourself, a positive attitude, and a smile. And if you didn’t come with a smile, you’re sure to leave with one. “We would love all visitors of Lake County to experience the different priorities a Lake County Big Valley small farm can embrace,” Mark says. “Come explore all of our farms for a great drive around the area. Start out as visitors, leave as friends.”

The Neighbor You Never Knew: Meet Jeff Warrenburg

Even though you may never have met him in person, if you’ve ever visited The Bloom, you’ve either seen Jeff Warrenburg or read about something he’s done for Lake County. He’s been a Rotary member for twenty-two years. He’s on the board for the Chamber of Commerce, is president of the Fair Foundation, and is on the City of Lakeport Planning Commission. He shows up in photos about once a quarter in The Bloom, most recently helping out the Community Kitchen Project. There he stands, second from the left, holding a check. That’s how you’ll usually bump into Jeff in Lake County. He’s always looking for a way to help: It’s part of his philosophy. “The biggest thing for me,” he says, “Is I feel a need to give back to the community. They give to me and help my business, so I want to help them out.” Without people like Jeff, the county would fall apart.

Celebriducks Owner Craig Wolfe Takes in the View, Launches New Product

Picture this: It’s early evening, late spring. Between the emerald blue sky, popcorn clouds puff into the distance, building in thicker clumps as they bump into the Mayacamas Mountains. Below them sits Clear Lake, flecked with the smallest specks of whitecaps. The mountains rise from the lake in a motley assortment of greens and tans that blend into grey-violet as they back into the distance.

“I’ve got a friend who has a place in Lake Geneva,” Craig says, “and she sent me some photos of the view. I said, ‘That’s a great view. Now look at ours.’ And I sent her photos of the view from my deck. ‘Wow,’ was all she said. I mean, the view here is drop-dead gorgeous. All those places have got nothing on Lake County.
I feel like we’re on vacation 24/7,” he says, a smile in his voice. “It doesn’t seem like I’m working with a view like this one.”

But that’s not entirely true. In fact, Craig has been hard at work, developing a new line of ducks called Good Ducks, which are in fact the only rubber ducks that are 100% made in the USA. “You know, the funny thing is that I own this business one hundred percent,” Craig says. “I never took an investor. I don’t like being told what to do. I knew who I was and what I could do, and it’s a fortuitous thing that it’s turned out this way. Because if I had to report to a board, they probably wouldn’t have let me do this. They would think it was too much risk, too much of an expense. We had to find a whole new way of molding the ducks using food and medical grade materials to make the safest rubber ducks in the world for teething babies. But we’re going to end up selling tens of thousands of them.” He pauses. “And we’ll sell millions of them if we do it right. It’s a better mousetrap, and definitely a safer one from what’s currenty out there.”

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