Come Discover the Untold Story of Apollo 15

Come along for the ride as we simulate in the planetarium an epic yet seldom told tale of adventure and discovery. In July of 1971 Astronaut Dave Scott landed the Apollo Lunar Module high in the Apennine Mountains of the moon at the edge of a deep canyon. It was the most dangerous and daring  of all the Apollo landing sites. The site was chosen for its potential to answer the most questions about the history of the Moon and Earth. What were the risks and what was discovered?

After the show guests are invited (weather permitting) to view the night sky through the observatory’s telescopes. 

When: Thursday, May 23,  2024

Shows: 7:00pm and 8:30pm

Where: Taylor Observatory, 5725 Oak Hills Lane, Kelseyville


Adults                            $10

Children (6 and older)   $5

Families of 4 and up      $5 (each)       

Seats are limited

For tickets click this link.

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