County of Lake Awarded $700,000 Department of Water Resources Grant

Request for Proposals Out Now to Support Analysis of Effects of Proposed Scott Dam Decommissioning: https://lakecountyca.gov/Bids.aspx

The Lake County Board of Supervisors has been steadfast in affirming Scott Dam remaining in place as a significant matter of priority.  Efforts to demonstrate and articulate the regional value of Lake Pillsbury can be strengthened by gathering additional data.  600,000 Californians depend on water releases from Lake Pillsbury and the Potter Valley Project for drinking and agricultural water security, and adequate water supply is essential to every facet of our daily lives.

Further, should Pacific Gas and Electric Company ultimately succeed in gaining Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approval to remove Scott Dam, it is essential we understand the potential effects and threats that may accompany that profound change.

$700,000 in Water Shortage Management Program Funds Will Support Greater Understanding

With the intent of protecting regional water security at the forefront, the County of Lake is excited to announce the California Department of Water Resources has committed $700,000 in Water Shortage Management Program funding to support the “Lake County Resource Assessment, Impact Analysis, and Adaptation Strategy Evaluation Project.”  This project will provide for analysis of the potential effects of PG&E’s proposed decommissioning of Scott Dam across domains including the following:

  • Recreation;
  • Wildfire suppression;
  • Ecosystem;
  • Power;
  • Sediment;
  • Water supply; and
  • Infrastructure (e.g., roads).

Funding will likewise support the following tasks:

Identify Potter Valley Project Decommissioning and Climate Change Scenarios

Perform modelling of existing conditions, plus one or two decommissioning scenarios. Perform Climate Change modelling and include scenarios that explore extreme drought and flood conditions in the Upper Eel River watershed.

Evaluate Impacts to Resources and Develop Adaptation Strategies

Technical impact analysis includes hydrological, hydraulic, and sediment modeling of the Upper Eel River and Lake Pillsbury; recreational impacts analysis; GIS and bathymetry data analysis, and economic modeling. Once impacts are identified, potential adaptation strategies will be developed.

Evaluate Adaptation Strategies for Potential Implementation

Evaluate factors like technical complexity, cost, environmental concerns, social, and other considerations related to implementation of adaptation strategies.

Report Findings

Summarize the process, results, and key findings.

RFP No. 24-32 is Out Now – Interested Firms Are Encouraged to Respond

RFP No. 24-32 has been issued, seeking qualified firms to further define and conduct this critical analysis.

This is truly an opportunity to make a difference in Lake County and California’s future, and we are seeking firms to help ensure studies and analyses are highly effective, and can inform efforts to ensure the most responsible decision-making possible in 2025’s Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) P-77 Proceedings.

Interested parties are encouraged to visit https://lakecountyca.gov/Bids.aspx!

Lake Pillsbury is a Lake County Gem

To see the beautiful landscapes, some of the wildlife that call Lake Pillsbury home, learn more about the community that has grown around Scott Dam, and more, watch this video, presented at an October meeting of the Russian River Water Forum:

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