Cowboy’s Dream: Poetry by R. V. Schmidt

Go on and get up the fire’s going cold, my bed roll is damp and I’m feeling old.
Before dawn it’s silent as death way out here, that big sky’s still starlit and 
     winter is near.
Go on and get up and poke at the coals, the bedroll is clingin’ and I’m feelin’ old.
A soft belt of pink has crept over the hills, promising daylight to break up the chill.
I’ll get up and stand up and drag on my boots, and yawn as I watch one last shootin’ star    
I’ll slap on my felt hat and pick up my gear, I’m feelin’ old and winter is near.
Dan’s out there hobbled and nickerin’ low, tryin’ to tell me I’m movin’ too slow.
Off in the distance a coyote wails and I and the big horse are back on the trail.
The last ranch I worked on went into the hole, short grass and low prices had 
     taken their toll.
I got half my wages and showed to the gate, the bank was foreclosin’, the small outfits fate.
I’m gonna get out where the gatherin’ is fun, where the air is still fresh and there’s plenty 
     of sun.
Where bankers don’t own the land that is grazed and a man gets good money for the cattle 
     he’s raised
Where the water is plenty and the grass never ends, where there’s no more rank horses and 
     no fences to mend.
Where a man gets his full pay put in his hand and keeping your word is the law of the land.
So get back in the saddle your time’s gettin’ thin and wake up old man you’ve been dreamin’ 
R. V. Schmidt

R.V. Schmidt is an award-winning Cowboy Poet, artist and storyteller. He is the author of several books and has been included in an anthology by the Lakeside Writers Guild. He is a winner in the Fifteenth Annual Voices of Lincoln Poetry Contest, The Joshua Blair Memorial Arts award and has received a Certificate of Acknowledgement from Congress for his work, some of which has been published in Western Writers of America’s Roundup magazine and American Cowboy magazine. He is the tenth Lake County Poet Laureate, served as Coordinator for the Poetry Out Loud 2019-2020 competition, and former Literary Chair of the Lake County Arts Council. Notes on being Poet Laureate: “The thing that inspired me most as laureate was the response from our Lake County High School students and teachers to my Record-Bee column ‘Creative Expressions’. I would say my favorite accomplishment was bringing more schools into the ‘Poetry Out Loud’ competition.” Books available at rvschmidt2@gmail.com or Amazon.

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