Dreamland Pollen: Poetry by Brett J. Benson – Third Place Winner of Solstice Contest

Golden Poppies, 
Waiting patiently in rich Depths, 
Blankets of soil protecting the seed in pure sleep, 
Where brilliance rests in winter frosts, in calm rains. 
A serene blessing in wait, 
The pollen ready to kiss bees in a warm revival Embrace; 
For with all our harvest lives the worker who buzzes and glides, 
With Gardner-like grace. 
Give thanks to all which keep this muddy gift moving, 
By forces seen and those yet to be fully known by us. 
What wonder lies in wait; 
What mysteries of terrain, 
Of eons of old, 
Whose vibrance forward sing notes of praise 
And green grass flourishing, 
And the return of annual growth, 
A flora love letter in the way of root, stem and exquisite Self-Expression? 
I know this tranquil being as I know an old ballad, 
One who knows how lost I might be, 
In mountains of snow, 
If the pines were not there to be my lantern home. 
When the light and breeze finally waved o’er head, 
Petals ready to make spring love with the sun’s golden bosom
In a flower field of passion, 
My sweet golden poppy came center stage, 
To dance with my empty heart chambers. 
I am now content to know that even through our storms, 
Beauty rests in Misty dream-filled snow blanketed slumbers; 
A mirror held up to my corner of Divine Consciousness, 
A piece of the cosmic grace returning to me which sayeth, “You are made of the same elements within this paradise of flora perfection.” 
I recall walking through an enchanted nature once; 
A Perennial Wonderland whose breath synced 
With the frequency of peace; 
Perhaps it was the same one, 
Who allowed this golden poppy to thrive year after year, 
In its own sweet time, 
In its own Mystical way. 
Brett J. Benson

Brett Benson is a Bay Area teacher and typewriter poet originally from San Diego. His topics for writing cover nature, critiques of philosophy and original philosophical theories, existential dilemmas, mental health, universalism, perennialism, political and social commentary and experiments with free form verse. He credits Hafiz, Khalil Gibran, Maya Angelou and Jiddu Krishnamurti as some of his biggest influences on his writing. When not teaching high school, walking in nature, or exploring new restaurants, he can be found in Golden Gate Park writing poems on his typewriter for those passing by. He is grateful for this experience and opportunity to present his work to the Lake County community. Peace, Health and Prosperity.

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