Eight Great Lake County Wines to Make Your Holiday Food Pairings Perfect

If you’re looking for some great wine to pair with your holiday feasts, look no further. Lake County has an abundance of high-quality wines. It’s all because of our unique volcanic terroir, the secret that makes every Lake County wine unique. Here are eight recommendations to make any meal better.


If you want a wine to pair with turkey, look no further. Any one of these choices fits perfectly with everything from poultry to pork.

  1. Chacewater Vineyards Organic Sauvignon Blanc: Lake County is known for its Sauvignon Blanc, and Chacewater creates an exceptional one. The Organic, given 91 points at the 2019 Los Angeles Wine Competition, is fragrant with citrus hints and a tart aroma in the bouquet. The crispness is balanced by the tang and fullness of apricots that wind across the palate. ($22)
  2. Rosenthal Vineyards 2019 Viognier: Pears, vanilla and nutmeg lead in the aromas of this wine. Crisp and clean on the palate, the flavors deliver creamy fruit, a hint of white pepper, and a lingering finish ($18, available at Hardesters, Brunos, or by sending an email to the link above.)
  3. Clay Shannon 2019 Sauvignon Blanc: Shannon Ridge’s finest Sauvignon Blanc, this wine is filled with aromas of stone fruit, citrus, and herbs. Each sip begins dry and bright and ends crisp, leaving the palate clean and refreshed. ($30)
  4. Sol Rouge Vineyards 2019 Rosé: This Rosé sits brightly in the glass and fills the nose with fruit-forward aroma. It carries all the depth of a Grenache, with light, bright fruit notes across the palate. The flavors balance each other gently, leaving a lingering finish. ($24)


If you prefer reds for the holidays, here are some great red wine pairings for both poultry and red meat.

  • Olof Cellars 2014 Nebbiolo: An unusual varietal, Nebbiolo is a bigger wine but incredibly versatile. These finicky Italian grapes love to be eaten with food, and a mouthwatering steak with a red-wine reduction will complement it delightfully. But you can chill it as well. When chilled, Olof’s Nebbiolo pairs incredibly well with chicken, ham, turkey, and pork. ($28)
  • Six Sigma Ranch and Winery 2016 Tempranillo Reserve: There’s a reason Napa buys so many grapes from Lake County, and that reason resides in this glass. The first taste is jammy, with hints of cherry and spice. Then the mineral moves in. It’s the terroir talking, sharing a bit of itself in your wine. The finish circles back to the bouquet and lingers on your tongue like a beautiful day on the ranch. ($48)
  • Laujor Estate Winery Petite Sirah: This wine has profound complexity that demands your attention. The bouquet brings heavy notes of spice and hints of oak. Then the fruits move across the palate, dark and rich. It’s the kind of wine that hangs around for a bit and says, “Thanks for drinking me. Try another sip.” ($38)
  • Fore Family 2017 Mourvedre: Gentler than a Cabernet Sauvignon, The Mourvedre sits round on the palate. Soft oak notes ease the minerality and raspberry tartness. If you’re into eating while you drink, it’s the answer to your wine question. ($38)
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