Even Though: Poetry by Pamela Bordisso

Even though, the light 
bright white on the printed page
On my side of the bed is on
Even though, it’s two in the morning
Your sleep moves you
toward me, puppy like seeking
the warm nest of blankets and body heat
Your leg juts, a frog bend
Sinews cover bones
I fold myself over this new gauntness, 
You exhale, soft sighs,
Habitual snores remain quiet this night
Your toes tap, pulsing a rhythm 
In your dream, I imagine you’re on stage
Performing, feet drumming the tempo
Your voice soaring,  crooning
A favorite rock song from the past
Reading on, I want sleep.
I hope rest will come
for me. 
At long last, turning off the light.
As if it matters,  I turn to seek the time.
The digital clock sears my retina 
What difference do these numerals make?
I roll into your body
A branch dropped into a stream
A configuration of limbs 
Never experienced before. 
Even though, we have 
Bedded together these forty two years
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