Everything breathes in. Everything breathes out. – Poetry by Eroldi Idlore

Everything breathes in. Everything breathes out.
Why do you have such a hard time celebrating? 
Why do you wrestle with joy?
Everything is going to be okay.
(Everything is going to be alright).
Settle down, pain
Settle down, surrender... 
Go to sleep, eyelids.
Go to sleep, pajamas.
What came before this?
What are you meant to learn here? 
How are you?
How are you doing?
Can’t you just relax? 
Can’t you just be happy? 
One thing at a time, dear 
One thing at a time.
But haven’t we only just arrived? 
Isn’t this only just the beginning? 
We had to start somewhere;
It might as well be now...
Is that a smile there?
Do I see you smiling?
Love is so powerful a thing, 
There is still love in nothing.
Eroldi Idlore

Eroldi Idlore writes poetry and prose that explores the written process within self-reflective environments. Their themes emulate curiosity, story-telling and conscious questioning of the world that is shared specifically through written language. They personally adhere towards themes which penetrate the fourth wall of our very existence as writers and readers. Currently, they volunteer as Director and Managing Editor for WordSwell, a literary nonprofit organization based out of Oakland, CA, founded by Clive Matson (wordswelljournal.org).


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