Exploring the Blue Zones Power 9 Principle of Purpose

Fun fact. Did you know that the majority of the Blue Zones Power 9 principles of healthy living are less about diet and exercise and more about your overall well-being? It’s true. Only three of the Power 9 principles have to do with food and exercise or, in Blue Zone language, natural movement. This is a potential game changer for your life, not just your physical health.

Let’s explore the Power 9 principle of Purpose. Blue Zones Project—Lake County has offered several Purpose workshops in the past two years, and continues to offer them. Blue Zones explains the Power 9 Principle of Purpose this way: “Wake up with a purpose each day and add up to seven years to your life!” Yowza! That must be important to do and to have if it can add that many years to our lives.

Now, I will play the devil’s advocate when I make a hunch here. My guess is that you are getting up in the morning to go to work simply because you need to pay the bills, feed and clothe your family, and meet your most basic needs. All those things are fine, but is what you do bringing you more joy in your life in addition to paying the bills and not being homeless? 

Recently, I have had to ask myself the question, Is what I’m doing what I want to do with my life? Secondly, I ask, Is what I’m doing what I am meant to do with my life? In short, what is my purpose? Why am I here on earth? What is my contribution to the world and community I live in? And here is my answer to that question. I am more than a mom and wife. I am an encourager and an uplifter in my home, community, and beyond. I have stories to share, to tell, and to write for the purpose of encouraging others and enjoying the journey along the way. 

That may seem oddly specific. I know it did to me when I just wrote it. But that, in a nutshell, is what motivates me every morning of every day. And here is the sign I have to know if I am doing this, or not, every day. Is what I do fun and enjoyable for me? Is what I put into my day feeding me in a way that brings me joy and satisfaction? And honestly, I can say that right now, my answer is yes. But as seasons change in my life, I know that I will have to reevaluate my purpose and if what I am doing feeds my purpose.

Right now, I could have an administrative job working for a company doing “good” work. But I know that a part of me would die if I chose to do that. So, for now, I am choosing to tell stories and good news in my community. And from this journey, I have been blessed with new friendships and rewarding working relationships along the way. In other words, my work life is enriching my personal life. Now, that’s a double bonus in my book!

And let’s take this one step further. Now, I don’t know the exact numbers, but you and I, even being alive, are one in a really big number. Just the odds of you and me existing are a miracle in themselves. Now keeping that in mind, odds are, we aren’t accidents in the universe. We are unique, one of a kind human beings like a pebble on a beach. Sure, there may be more pebbles than one can count, but no two pebbles are exactly the same. So, that must mean we are each unique, with unique differences and purposes. Take away just one pebble and the beach is less than what it was. Kinda fun to think about, right?

Now it’s your turn. What motivates you to get up in the morning? Is what you do for a living feeding your purpose? What is your purpose outside of paying the bills? And does your purpose flow into your personal life and work life? If so, how? If not, why not? 

Here are the facts: We choose to do what we have to do to live. The alternative is not what most of us want for our lives. So, let’s incorporate what we love into what we do. Does that mean change for you? I don’t know. But I know it has for me over the years. Change is scary, but stagnation scares me even more. And if it’s your hobby, friendships, or recreation that motivates you every day more than your job, and your ok with that, then good for you. The point is to know your purpose, embrace it, and let it drive you every day of your life.

Blue Zones Project–Lake County is offering a Purpose Workshop on May 8 at Boatique Winery. For more information and to register, click here.

To learn more about the Blue Zones Project–Lake County and all they have to offer, visit their website.

Trudy Wakefield

Trudy is the owner and editor for The Bloom. The Bloom's dedicated to showcasing all the good parts of life. If it's good news, you'll probably find it here.

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