Far From Ordinary: Andre’s Lounge

“Do you hear that?” I asked after just stepping out of the Gaslight Grill on Main Street Lakeport. It was an ordinary Thursday evening, or so I thought. The winter chill and seasonal lights brought a festive glow and the perfect ending after a delicious dinner. We’d just finished a mouth-watering bacon blue cheese burger, fried pickles, a fresh seasonal salad, and a pint of good beer. It’s always the perfect meal experience with the friendliest faces and consistently some of the best food in Lakeport.

“I think I hear music, live music.” My eyes roamed Main Street, scanning for signs of entertainment. “It’s coming from Andre’s Lounge!” I announced with triumph. 

My husband peered across the street, confirming my verdict. “Wanna check it out?” he suggested. 

We made our way across a sleepy Main Street towards the music and glowing lights. Inside, Kimberly Rippy Thomas, master of the keyboard, was in her element, her fingers creating magic on the resident grand piano. To her right, John Thomas worked the drums. Cynthia Gouig, one of the vocalists of the Funky Dozen, crooned into the microphone. A saxophone rested for the time being near the piano, promising to take the stage soon. Warm spice colors of reds and browns and the dimly perfect lighting for a lounge warmed the chill night air. 

The casual seating nearest the stage area offered a couch nearest the door, and I kid you not, Leather Lazy Boy-like reclining massage chairs. Patrons all but dissolved in the recliners, a beer or glass of wine in hand while the rest of their being drifted into utter bliss. Is this for real? I thought. I did a double-take to see if my eyes were deceiving me. After a hard blink, not only did I see it was for real, but I also saw there were two reclining chairs empty and waiting for us. 

After claiming them with our coats, we made our way to the bar, where most of the guests mingled, catching up with friends and purchasing their favorite drinks. We put our order in with Benny, and while we waited a moment for our beers, we noticed another sitting area in the back of the lounge where more friends gathered, enjoying their own private party where their laughter and chatter wouldn’t be a distraction from their fellow patrons. It seemed Andre’s Lounge could host parties within parties. 

Out the back exit/entrance, a small balcony, complete with chairs and a fire pit, promised to be the perfect spot in fairer weather for those who truly wanted to get away from it all. But that would have to wait a while.

With a beer in hand, we made our way back to our reclining chairs just in time for Sunny Franson to pick up the saxophone. Without missing a beat, they started up “Natural Woman.” 

At last, the moment came. With a gentle push of my hands, my feet raised, and I reclined. A small remote, much like you would find at a nail spa, offered my selection of back massages. In an instant, I was in heaven. What is better than live music and spirits? A reclining massage chair, of course, duh. And with that, our evening was complete. Maybe too complete, because the ticking of the clock is the only reason to leave Andre’s Lounge.

Grab a bite at Gaslight Bar and Grill just across the street or your favorite Lakeport Restaurant before enjoying a glass of wine or a beer in one of the finest lounges in the county. Be sure to call ahead of time to find out who’s playing on the weekend, or just show up on a Thursday and enjoy one of the finest pianists in the area and her friends. 

Andre’s Lounge

150 N. Main 

Lakeport California

(707) 263-7333

Trudy Wakefield

Trudy is the owner and editor for The Bloom. The Bloom's dedicated to showcasing all the good parts of life. If it's good news, you'll probably find it here.

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