Flower Therapy: Bell Haven Flower Farms

Some of my fondest memories of my childhood include multiple visits to the beautiful Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island. The serene gardens are perfectly manicured, with not a plant in less than spectacular form. The garden is a discovery of delights; it seems to never end on its meandering trails and bridges. If you’ve been before, then you know. Of course, moving to Lake County was a dream come true for us. It’s filled with natural beauty, rugged landscapes, oak groves, far-reaching vineyards, and a one-of-a-kind life-giving lake. 

But nothing quite compares to a professional garden, right? Well, thankfully, we have a spectacular and unique offering in Lake County. Bell Haven Flower Farms, resting on the shores of Soda Bay, is a breathtakingly beautiful place, open for private events and, on occasion, to the public. However, if you aren’t able to visit, Bell Haven also has a florist shop in downtown Kelseyville, where once you step through the doors, you’ll discover a cornucopia of flowers. 

Not only is it perfectly located between Sophie’s Day Spa and The Saw Shop Public House, it is also one of Lake Counties’ best secrets. When you walk in, you’ll first notice that no one’s there. That’s because it’s entirely unmanned. A few security cameras rest in the corners of the room, and all payment is done through a tablet terminal placed by the door. That’s right, there’s not a soul inside, making it a five or ten-minute escape into garden heaven. 

This oasis is far from ordinary. Breathe it in deeply. The overwhelming floral scent fills the nose, creating a perfume no human has yet to bottle. And in that first breath, all your stress and worries vanish. Immediately your eyes dance in the colors that surround you, but it takes another moment for your ears to absorb the quiet in this perfumed space. 

Every flower arrangement has distinct shades of greens, yellows, blues, purples, and pastels. No two arrangements are quite the same as another, and trust me when I tell you, your local grocery store, in its best efforts, can not compare to these floral bouquets. It’s not just a floral arrangement, it’s art when you realize you’re not seeing the same flowers you see just anywhere. Bell Haven Flower Farms owner Laurie Dohring grows all of her flowers at her farm, and she’s always exploring new varieties and ways to display them. 

Of course, that means you are guaranteed to find the perfect bouquet for your friend, loved one, sweetheart, or even your own dining-room table. The only challenge you will find at Bell Haven is deciding which bouquet to choose. Without anyone manning the store, you have all the time in the world to decide. And when you finally leave and step back into reality, it’s good to know the whole experience is waiting for your return.

Bell Haven Flower Farm

3845 Main St, Kelseyville, CA 95451

Hours: 8-7, 7 Days a Week

(707) 533-8980

With Laurie at Bell Haven Flower Farm

Trudy Wakefield

Trudy is the owner and editor for The Bloom. The Bloom's dedicated to showcasing all the good parts of life. If it's good news, you'll probably find it here.

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