Focus on the Moment: Perspective to Uplift and Inspire – By Karen Pavone

Look to sky in the Northwestern twilight about an hour after sunset, and you might catch a glimpse of celestial magic. Comet Neowise is streaking across the heavens in July, leaving a trail of stardust millions of miles long in its wake. It’s unusual to be able to see such a phenomenon with the naked eye, but our clear, dark Lake County skies provide the perfect backdrop for some magic. Just think. This comet has been hurtling through the infinite vastness of the Universe for thousands of years, yet it’s journey has just now brought it within our view. Fathom that. This time. This place. This moment will not happen again for another 6,800 years! The root word “Neo”means new; “Wise” means knowledge. Could it be a miraculous sign of “new knowing” in our lifetime? Be sure to get outside and see it before it’s gone. 

Karen Pavone

Karen Pavone is a Lake County-based lifestyle photographer capturing one-of-a-kind moments. Portraits, Engagement/Wedding, Events, Editorial/Advertising, Agriculture, Landscapes, Food & Beverage, Travel & Tourism.

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