Gene Paleno to Serially Release A History Of Lake County in The Bloom

The Lake County Bloom announces the addition of a brand-new entertainment feature; A History of Lake County. The entire book, by well-known author and columnist, Gene Paleno, will appear as a readable and compelling episode every Monday in The Bloom

The author tells about his book: When I decided to write Lake County History, a book that became a 450 page, three-pounder and more than a hundred stories, I had no idea what I was in for. Before I was finished I had more than my share of surprises. For starters, I discovered a hollow mountain, home-grown highwaymen, bloody massacres, and a phantom railroad that plagued Lake County for years. Now you will learn about Lake County’s past wars and riots, its crimes and its heroes, its ghosts and high adventure.

In the fashion of the old cliff-hanging movie serials, at the end of each episode, a note will let our readers know what thrills and wonders next week’s thrilling episode will hold for their reading enjoyment and information. Watch for the serialized, complete version of our wonderful Lake County’s amazing and colorful twelve-thousand-mile history; beginning Monday in The Bloom.

Jonah David Wakefield

Jonah David and Trudy Wakefield started The Bloom in 2018 to showcase the best parts of Lake County and to provide a local outlet for community events, arts, music, and writing.

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