Healing – Poetry by Jordan O’Halloran


Most days, it’s hard to breathe

The Prozac not hitting fast enough

The caffeine making me numb

Visions of my former self running through my head

Trauma running through my veins

Am I enough? 

Is any of this enough?

But, I try to remember



I owe it to myself to heal

My ancestors deserve closure

What better way than writing?

26 letters

Billions of words

Infinite possibilities

Anxious head

Furious typing

Ideas at 3 AM

I love it all

Poetry is just life

Life on the page

Roots in the ground

Feet on the pavement

Head in the clouds

Insides bursting with light


What better way to process it all?

The mess inside

The disasters outside

I deserve it

What better way to heal it all? 
Jordan O' Halloran

Jordan O'Halloran lives in Kelseyville, California with her partner, roommate, and cat. She is addicted to the smell of books, bright colors, and caffeine. A huge advocate for mental health and kindness, she spends every waking moment thinking of the perfect first line. When not writing, you can find her eating cheese, painting, or sleeping. You can follow her writing journey on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter as Jordanjotsjoy.

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