January – Poetry by Karin C. Uphoff

Zeal of whipped waves, lift 
from ocean depth, hurl 
against jagged cliffs, spouting 
rainbow mist, higher 
than the exhale of whales 
passing by
passing like people do, in and out 
of their lives, once entwined 
then unraveled 
silently untethered
loved souls roam the black 
diamond night 
sharp winds smear 
moisture on every window
drive me into my cave, to hunker 
in dimness, light candles 
for those suffering
I sing their names like a  
sparrow calling spring.
Wizened oak galls dangle
like forgotten ornaments
while promises push 
out of pewter branches
the sheer density 
of these short days, catches 
my breath, no time 
for grum countenance
as bright faces of oxalis 
claim their chartreuse turf
I keep walking the muddy trail, 
claiming my own heart, ablaze 
and expanded like clouds of crimson 
a flash of magenta in a vanishing sky.
Karin C. Uphoff

Karin C. Uphoff is author of Botanical Body Care; Herbs and Natural Healing for your Whole Body (2007), and writes a monthly column, Words on Wellness for Lighthouse Peddler Newspaper. However, poetry is the language of her heart and she has published poems in Noyo River Review (2015) plus Writers of the Mendocino Coast anthologies Hooked (2018), Erosion (2021) and a memoir piece in Borders (2022).

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