Lake County Fair Announces the 1st Annual Lake Fest Event: 6.8.24

Following the California State Fair’s historic exhibit of Cannabis, the Lake County Fair is stepping into new and exciting territory with the first annual Lake Fest at the Lake
County Fairgrounds on Saturday, June 8, 2024, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

This adventure is the first of its kind for a District Fairground. The Fair is working with the Lake County Cannabis Alliance, dispensaries, farms, and distributors to create an event targeted at providing education and professionally giving awards for exhibits of the Lake County cannabis crop.

Quote from the Fair Board President Nara Dahlbacka – “This is an exciting new event for the Lake County Fair, which will provide important Cannabis education and show reverence from a state fairground towards local growers of the number one cash crop in California. Certified growers from Lake County have won several Golden Bear awards for cannabis at the State Fair, and the District was trying to find a responsible way to showcase this agriculture outside of the normal exhibits where children are present. Thus, Lake Fest was born.”

Schedule and Line up
Celebrating farming, local art and music, the Lake County Fair has put together a lineup to educate, engage and entertain.
Speakers for this event are:

  • Origins Council talking about Appellations.
  • Swami Chaitanya & Nikki Lastro, insights on cannabis cultivation & reform.
  • Alchemy 29, Bret Byrd chemist will talk about extraction.
  • Lauren Mendelson, from Omar Figeroa Law will discuss legal aspects.
  • Dooby Logic, from Kelseyville will discuss the History of the Blunt.
  • Zoe Schrieber, Secretary California Cannabis Industry Association talks on compliance.
    Five bands will perform for this event sponsored by Mission Grown including:
  • Austin & Owen
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