Lake County Music Guide – 5.14.24

Alas, too many live music events, so little time… But bear in mind, I still have the used ACME Clone-a-Matic for sale, needs work. Just sayin’… I’ll be listing a couple of non-music events but only because their venues often provide live music. See, I promote both the bands AND the venues – can’t have one without the other. And it’s “Wine Adventure” weekend here in The LC, so, fasten your seatbelts, folks – here’s the live music schedule for the week of 5/14 through 5/20…

On Tuesday at the Kelsey Creek Brewing in K’ville you’re sure to find at least one handcrafted beer, ale or seltzer that suits your liking. And to make that tasty beverage taste even better is the acoustic music of Buskin’ for Brewskis – all from 3 to 6:00. Then get ready for some Blues when on Sunday from 3 to 6:00, local guys Dave Broida and Blues Farm take the stage, with a little help from harmonica master RJ Mischo, (and maybe even saxophone savant Nancy Wright). Who knows who else might show up. Great brews, great music. Good stuff, Maynard…

The Moose Lodge in Clearlake Oaks will host Tuesday a “Veterans Dinner” featuring the music of Marsha and Fiddler from 5:30 to 7:00. The fare will be pork roast, veggies, salad, and dessert; for Veterans, it’s free; all others, please make a nice donation. Non-members are welcome.

In Lakeport, Wine in the Willows is hosting a “Poetry Night” event on Wednesday hosted by Georgina Marie Guardado from 6 to 8:00. There will be some featured poets, but afterward, the mic is for all other local poets. I vaguely recall someone asking me recently if there are any poetry open mics in the county. Well, here it is! Then on Saturday, during WITW’s Wine Adventure participation, the otherworldly acoustic guitar duo, Austin & Owens will make the event that much more sublime, from noon until 2:00. This place is all about local wines, local brews, local art, local musicians and now, this little Hobbit house across from Library Park is all about local poetry. Go loco, support local…

Also in Lakeport, at Andre’s Lounge on Main Street, you will find on Wednesday evening from 7 to 9:00 the original compositions of pianist Nicky Hind. He is mentioned in the “Anniversary Issue” of “Back Stage Magazine”, our own Lake County music related publication, and it’s a good read. Go check him out. Then later in the week on Friday evening, Andre himself puts down the clipboard and, along with his band, Andre and Friends, will lay down some popular songs from 8 to 11:00. Hey, go see what Andre’s done with the place…

F.Y.I., thespians, auditions for the upcoming Shakespeare on the Lake production of “The Tempest” will take place on Wednesday at 6:00 and Saturday at noon at the Mendocino College Lake Center in Lakeport. These are fun play production events that could very well be your launch pad to greatness. Or maybe you have a certain skill like carpentry, seam stressing, light and sound techs, etc. Here’s a silly, pithy quote from the late great thespian, Alan Rickman, “If you judge the characters, you can’t play them.”

At the center of the universe, the Saw Shop Public House in Kelseyville has excellent food, both inside and outside from the SawMill Snak Wagon, a full bar, and on Thursday, the music of Margo & Friends from 6 to 9:00. Then, for a little 1,4,5 action on Friday, Dave Broida and Blues Farm will lay down da Bluz from 6 to 9:00. Rounding out the music at the SSPH, the LC Diamonds will rock the backyard on Saturday from 6 to 9:00. No reservations needed in the backyard. Bon appetite, then dance…

It’s time for the Buckingham Test & Tune, Boat, Car and Truck Show at Buckingham Golf Course on Friday morning at 10:00 and on Sunday at 3:00. Rumor has it the LC Diamonds will be rockin’ the Car Show, just not sure which day or when. Ladies and gentlemen – rags down…

The Middletown Farmers Market on Friday will bring you fresh locally grown fruit and vegetables, plus a plethora of wonderful, handcrafted items you just can’t leave without. There will be food vendors, and most importantly, live music from Carlos Bono, all from 4:30 to 8:30.

On Friday evening, come on out to the Smiling Dogs Tasting Room in Kelseyville from 6:30 to 9:30 and check out the awesome trio of Wendy DeWitt, Kirk Harwood and Nancy Wright. I guarantee you won’t be able to keep your toes from tappin’, your heads from bobbin’ and the rest of your body moving in concert with some wild music. While you’re at it, enjoy some of the SDR’s wines by the glass or the bottle. Fun, fun, fun!

If you plan on taking a step up to the mountain, the Loch Lomond Roadhouse has some live music you might be interested in. James White will give you some Blues and Country starting at 7:00 on Friday evening. Want some Blues? Then, on Saturday, the inimitable Johnny Tsunami and the Hurricanes will rock the Roadhouse starting at 7:00. There is Good food, a full bar, and nice staff.

The Soper-Reese Theater in Lakeport and the Rotary Club of Lakeport are bringing you a “Talent Showcase Competition”, the final gala on Friday starting at 7:00. The finalists are the Lower Lake Color Guard, Travis Rinker, Chase the Entertainer, Gabriella Soria, Dennis Purcell, Duo Nouveau, Irma Lopez, Bella Bua, Lower Lake Drum Line and Luke Barth – all competing for a $3000 prize plus an opening spot at a upcoming Lakeport Summer Concert in the Park. Tix are $50 for a VIP table, $30 for reserved seating and $15 for Seniors and students. Or you can just go to the SRT website, follow instructions and vote for your fave. Lake County’s Got Talent, folks!

Down in the bayside Riviera, Richmond Park Bar ‘n’ Grill will be rockin’ this weekend! On Friday the Mark Weston Band will be keeping it real, starting at 7:00. And, of course, Country Rocker Johnny Young will be on hand on Saturday to make your weekend complete, starting at 1:00. Then on Saturday evening, Gnada, Isolation Sixx and A.S.S. will bang it out starting at 7:30. Hey folks, there are plenty of boat slips, just in case you’re out on the lake – plenty of parking also, so let’s rock!

On Saturday morning, the Farmer’s Finest Farmers Market will be in full swing at the Shannon Ridge Mercantile Tasting Room in Finley. Here you can find some fresh locally grown fruit and vegetables, plus a plethora of wonderful, handcrafted items you just can’t leave without. Also, the tasting Room opens at 11 AM, so you can sample and then stock up on your favorite varietals. There will be food vendors, and most importantly, live music from Dennis Purcell – all this and more makes it a one-stop-shop from 10:AM to 1:00. Can’t make it? It’s okay, on Tuesday the FFFM moves over to Library Park in Lakeport, same bat time, same bat channel, only this time music will be provided by Andy Rossoff.

The Lake County Outdoor Passion Play will have performances on Saturday and Sunday on Westlake Rd just north of the Nice/Lucerne Cutoff starting at 4:00. Admission is free.

The Lake County Land Trust Benefit at Maes Ranch, 4900 Clark Dr in Kelseyville on Saturday will feature Music in the Barn, with the music of Misner and Smith from 4:30 to 7:00. Cost will be $50. Tix available through the LCLT.

In Lower Lake at the Brick Hall there will be a benefit fundraiser event at 4:30 for the Jack Lavender Farm Spring and features music from The Gill Bros.

The Riviera Hills Lounge in the Riviera has one of the most awesome sunset views, good food, and a full bar, which all pairs perfectly with the Rock, Funk, R&B, and Blues music of AudioSoul on Saturday from 6 to 10:00.

It’s gonna be Blackjacks, Royal Flushes and big Jackpots at Twin Pine Casino in Middletown when on both Friday and Saturday nights, Aqua Nett will be rockin’ the casino from 9 to 1: AM. Winnah winnah chicken dinnah!…

On Sunday at noon there will be a Grand Opening for the Richard Paddock Blacksmith Shop Picnic at the Ely Stage Stop on Soda Bay Rd just a stone’s throw from four corners. Sorry, no music at this event, but this is an excellent event center to take the whole family and the addition of a blacksmith shop just adds a new element to the place.

Fults Family Winery in Lower Lake on Sunday will do its part for the Wine Adventures, followed by music from Beatz Werkin’. Wine Adventure starts in the morning, music starts at 1:00. If you’ve never been you’re in for a treat. Wines by the glass or bottle will be sold but brews and sodas also available…

If you wanna rock in the sun, on Sunday head on over to the Boathouse Bar/Stowaway Grill in that nice little town of Nice where Still Kick’n will provide the RAWK from 2 to 6:00. Come by boat, but there’s plenty of parking as well. Great food too…

And finally, the Blue Wing Saloon in Upper Lake has this time 6 music events and 1 special event in 5 days. Gee Wally, how do they do it?!? On Friday, come enjoy the Bossa Nova/Jazz numbers from the Majide Trio from 6 to 8:00. Then on Saturday evening, the BWS celebrates Wine Adventures with a Garden Dinner from Rosa d’Oro Wines with musical performance from Randy Hood, all from 6 to 8:00. Cost is $125, tix available through the Blue Wing Saloon. If you’re jonesin’ for a great breakfast, the BWS Sunday Brunch can make it happen, with the extra bonus of music from the Fair Wind Quartet, from 10:AM to 2:00. Later that Sunday evening from 6 to 8:00, the wonderful Gloria Scott with help from the Majide Trio will make it a supper to remember. Monday Blues will feature harmonica specialist RJ Mischo and Band from 6 to 8:00. And wrapping it all up you’ll have famous musician Paul Kemp playing piano while you dine on the 2-Course $25 Special Supper Deal, you guessed it – from 6 to 9:00. It’s a good idea to make reservations for all shows…

Mendocino County

Shanachie Pub in Willits will feature Steve Cornell on Friday afternoon at 5:00. On Friday at 8:00 the Back Porch Trio will do their thing starting at 8:00. The Bluegrass String Jam starts at 3:00 on Saturday. Blue Luke will play the Blues on Saturday at 8:00.

The Thirsty Axe in Ukiah will present the incomparable Funky Dozen on Friday starting at 7:00.

Coyote Valley Casino will feature the Fargo Bros on Saturday from 7 to 11:00.

Karaoke Korner

Loch Lomond Roadhouse on Wednesday starting at 6:00.

Twin Pine Casino on Thursday from 7 to 10:00.

Robinson Rancheria Casino is open on Thursday from 9 to midnight.

Andre’s Lounge on Thursday – 7 to 11:00.

Drinx on Thursday – call for times.

The Riviera Hills Lounge is on Friday from 6 to 10:00.

The Brick Tavern on Sunday from 6 to 9:00.

Started at noon, just finished at 8:30. It’s getting busy folks! Carefully scan over the guide to decide what you’re gonna do this week, then think real hard about the ACME Clone-a-Matic I’m selling. I’ll make you a real good deal. I’d really like to unload that sucker… er, fine piece of equipment… Otherwise, if and when you go out this week to enjoy the bounty of local live music, have fun, but please be safe…

Mike Guarniero

Mike has been playing professionally, both acoustic and electric, for 40+ years. He paid his dues in a robust Sonoma County music scene during the '80s and '90s, then DJ'd for 10 years after moving to Lake County in 1996. After retiring from his job of 26 years, because he recognized a growing local music scene, he decided to devote his time to playing live music again. He's never looked back. Along with his regular band, Dr. Groove, he has filled in on lead guitar for local bands, (Fargo Bros, Blues Farm, C.A.M. Band, Borrowed Time, Time Travelers). He's played acoustic guitar at a some of our local wineries, restaurants, farmers Markets and art galleries. He's also a semi-regular supporting various local Open Mics around Lake County. He writes and records original songs and has recorded original demos for other performers as well. For the last three years, he has posted on Facebook a local music guide called the Lake County Music Guide.

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