Let Them Say – Poetry By Hilary Devine

 Let them say 
 the meadow of my heart blossomed in the summer,
 burst forth in colorful, robust bunches,
 let them say my heart's woodlands were carpeted and bloomed  
     vividly in the spring.
 Let them say  
 my heart was a cornucopia,
 a proud, sturdy host,  
 an open-mouthed vessel which filled itself 
 over and over again.
 Let them say  
 I was a wishful thinker, 
 hopefulness spilled from the corners of my heart--
 let them say my heart overflowed.
 Let them say 
 my heart crooned like a bird, 
 cheery birdsong rang out across 
 the valley of my heart,
 let them say the mountain heard my melody.
 Let them say 
 love rushed like a bold, wild river through my heart's riverbed, 
 spilled over in some places-- 
 friendship's grandeous light 
 bounced off my heart's canyons.
 Let them say 
 my heart glowed like a campfire,
 blazed assuredly in a countryside where icicles spiked, 
     snowflakes fell, 
 let them say my heart burned white-hot.
 When I go the way of this December daylight,
 give in to one last wintry night of the year, 
 let them say my heart is an eagle--
 flapping its gigantic wings, 
 soaring upward,
 taking long glides, 
 then disappearing out of sight.
Hilary Devine

I am a parent, a teacher, and a poet. I grew up in Santa Rosa, CA. I’ve lived in Lake County for 15 years. I love to swim, and I was a competitive swimmer for many years. I also like to hike and run with my boyfriend and my son. I’m influenced by a wide array of poets including: Homer, Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, Robert Frost, Armando Garcia-Davila, and Lord Byron. I have a narrative style and use natural imagery. I usually write at least two poems every week.

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