Mad Mac’s Knows Good Food

It’s a bright fall day. The first colors of autumn leaves reluctantly give way to the shorter days and cooler nights. It’s a quiet, calm evening at Mad Mac’s Bar and Grill just off Highway 20 in the heart of Clearlake Oaks. A young couple casually make their way inside, even though it’s cool enough to enjoy the spacious outdoor patio seating. Inside, a full bar welcomes locals for a quick bite and friendly conversation. 

It’s more than just good food you’ll find at Mad Mac’s. Southern hospitality begins the moment the server greets you with a smile. The service is fast, friendly, and pays attention to details–such as fresh lemon added to one’s water and helpful suggestions on what to order, promising a unique, thoughtful meal.

Take the Po’ Boy sandwich, for example. A friend describes it best: “It’s the perfectly seasoned crunchy shrimp, and it’s spicy, but not too spicy.” The sandwich stands tall, on the plate–tall enough that you’ll have to stretch your mouth to get it all in. 

But if you’re not in the mood for shrimp, try the Biggin Mac burger, a plateful of food placed between bread. It starts with a handmade chuck, brisket, and sirloin patty hand-ground daily. That spectacular patty is cooked to your choice doneness, then layered with house-made mac and cheese, double cheddar, and Boar’s Breath’s homemade BBQ sauce, all on a perfectly toasted bun.

Of course, there’s also the Ever Most Popular Mad Mac, which delights the senses. It starts as a grilled cheese sandwich, then goes from there. Imagine oak wood smoked pork pulled to perfection and layered with mac and cheese, then placed between two thick slices of grilled Texas toast. Each bite brings in the creaminess of the mac and cheese, the flavor of the meat, and the tangy crunch of bread. It’s a flavorful, texture-filled delight.  

But you can’t just have a burger without the sides. Their fries are perfection, seasoned just right, and the perfect balance between crunchy, chewy, and creamy. Or, if you’re looking to balance out the smokey barbecue flavor or your Biggin Mac burger, get the homemade slaw, a tangy, crunchy, bright note that complements the meal’s richness. 

Whatever you order, it will be thoughtfully prepared with balanced flavors. Maybe part of the magic is that everything is made fresh daily. Nothing’s boxed or prepared, making this indulgence that much more satisfying. If you crave food made with love, this is the place to go. Mad Mac’s does not disappoint.

There’s great satisfaction when a meal exceeds one’s expectations. And that’s what Mad Mac’s is all about.

Mad Mac’s Bar and Grill

12638 Foothill Blvd

Clearlake Oaks, CA 95423

(707) 560-5056

Trudy Wakefield

Trudy is the owner and editor for The Bloom. The Bloom's dedicated to showcasing all the good parts of life. If it's good news, you'll probably find it here.

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