Merkle, Part II – Poetry by Melissa Bentley

On I walk, trip down the dstairs.
 Catch me, drip me up the wall, 0h, what fun it is to snorkl,
 If you puede can to burple.
I will walk on to the shipmnt
 Will you with me chance to trip?
 Together we wil go all rightly, Funly, timely all we do.
Every even sit I alone
 Wishing for the won to fone. Sit there, quiet, thinking fatly,
 Never more to drip and mone.
Slip we up just once and merkle,
 Oft we skip and once to burple
 Fun we hav and fun we dont
 If we see you, time we wont.
Pip we down, we art thou noisy,
 When we chance to spring a leek,
 Sit we down, ant up we jup
 Clock the dor and down we want.
Melissa Bentley

Melissa Bentley was born in Dayton, Ohio in 1946. She moved to Lake County in 1997, where she worked as a social worker until 2011. She has self-published Euphoria – and other things, a short fantasy novel. She retired in 2011, and now lives on Cobb Mountain. She enjoys watching and feeding many varieties of birds, squirrels, and deer. She even feeds the raccoons who climb in the window of her “cat room” where her semi-feral cat stays. Her time nowadays is spent enjoying the wildlife, her three dogs, reading on her deck in the sunshine, watching movies, and fooling with her computer.

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