NCO/EPIC Poetry Contest $100 Winning Poem: In The Know, by Pamela Bordisso

The EPIC Poetry Contest committee is proud to announce the first winner in the EPIC Poetry Contest 2021, “In the Know,” by Pamela Bordisso. 

By winning Week 1 of the EPIC Poetry Contest Pamela will receive a $100 gift card, a graphic design of her entry to be promoted on social media, as well as eligibility to be part of the final round of the contest. 

Pamela’s poem won by popular vote according to a polling method on Zoom. All members of the community are welcome to enter and encouraged to vote for a winner at the end of each event. Contact epicpoetrycontest@gmail.com for more information. 

Pamela’s winning poem is below:

 Adrenaline on high
 We want to be 
 In the know

 We may be told,
 “Be ready!”
 We want to stay,
 Afraid to leave
 We may be told 
 “You have to go.” 
 We want to be
 In the know

 Alert systems
 Change year to year
 We want the best to inform.
 Land lines don’t get texts
 Fear runs thick and dense
 What if I don’t know?

 The body wants safety
 The mind control
 The heart security
 Put us in the know

 Scanner sites.
 Social media.
 Friends that call.
 Neighbors that come.
 Local radio.
 Help us to know.
 We want guidance 
 To be
 In the know
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