NCO/EPIC Poetry Contest Week 2 $100 Winning Poem: We Nest on the Precipice of Winter by Hilary Devine

 We plan.
 Birthday parties, picnics, pet adoptions. Our plans stuff calendar squares,
 burst wild exuberance. We plan.
 Weddings, pregnancies, career paths. We shape plans that shape us.
 We plan.
 Vacations, outfits, shopping trips. Plans are blueprints for our lives.
 When it's time to plan mishap, we're quietly agitated. We don't want to think 
     about ruin, disaster.
 Imagine interruptions, detail disruptions. We plan demise in silence,
 let us shout survival shamelessly.
 Plow breaks up mice's nest on the precipice of winter.
 Plans are leaf-shaped swords in battle against behemoths, wildfire's unhinged rage,
 earthquakes' hysterics, wind's howl,
 floods drown fields
 never our mammoth will to live, make a plan.
 Form protective elephant circle around weak and vulnerable. arrange evacuation 
     routes, harness power,
 glowing will perseveres still stumbles in tragedy's pitch-black,
 make a plan.
 Pencil in calamity so when it breaks though seal of day or night, you're ready for luck 
 splintering, breaking apart is not an option, make a plan.
 Plans are bronzed gladiators,
 giving your people a fighting chance to survive when fierce beast bites down,
 gory spectacle fills arena, make a plan.
 We nest on precipice of winter; make a plan.
Hilary Devine

I am a parent, a teacher, and a poet. I grew up in Santa Rosa, CA. I’ve lived in Lake County for 15 years. I love to swim, and I was a competitive swimmer for many years. I also like to hike and run with my boyfriend and my son. I’m influenced by a wide array of poets including: Homer, Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, Robert Frost, Armando Garcia-Davila, and Lord Byron. I have a narrative style and use natural imagery. I usually write at least two poems every week.

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