Pay It Forward – Locals Barber + Salon

I am happy to present to you our seventeenth local business spotlighted in the Pay it Forward feature – Locals Barber + Salon.

Our recent Lake County business featured was Exotics by the Guy and owner, Steven Ianczok, chose to Pay it Forward to Stacie Walker, owner of Locals Barber + Salon.

The catch is that I will not choose the next business to interview, but the current spotlighted business will choose who I will interview next. Local businesses will Pay it Forward.

Locals Barber + Salon is a locally owned and operated salon offering a high-end grooming experience with exceptional service and a modern approach. Stacie the Barber has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2008 and a licensed barber since 2015 – she has been operating in Lakeport for 10 years.

Locals are dedicated to our local community and have been in business for 3 years. Co-independent contractors within Locals are Michaela Wright (Barber) and Carissa Johnson (Cosmetologist). Sit back and relax in a friendly atmosphere and experience the Locals way of styling.  

1. Why did you decide to start your own business?

I was born and raised in Lake County, and I love our beautiful county and the community within, so owning a business here feels like it was meant to be. I wanted to create a space that is an inviting, relaxing and upscale salon & barbershop unlike any other to serve the community. I feel that Locals Barber + Salon and the amazing professionals within go above and beyond with attention to detail, as well as anticipating the client’s needs. The salon also has a noticeable warmth and energy as soon as you walk through the doors. We enjoy being involved in our community and participate in many events, fundraisers, and school raffles as well. 

2. What advice would you give to someone just starting their own business? 

I would say to be sure of yourself, who you are and what is important to you. You have to believe in yourself and set clear goals and a plan of action in order to succeed. Believing in yourself is so important, even sometimes when others don’t, is of utmost importance. Have clear boundaries, set your intentions and also be able to pivot when things don’t go as planned. Always do what feels right for you. 

3. What routines do you follow each day? 

I always try to start my day with gratitude and an open mind for whatever comes my way. I set myself up for success by eating a healthy meal, exercising, and getting to work early to make sure I’m ready for my clients. I have been working by appointment only for the past 6 years and have a full client list for which I am so grateful for. This means that I make my guests a priority by being as prepared for them as possible so that they have the most enjoyable and comfortable experience. Treating my clients with respect and professionalism is what has made me the most successful. 

4. Where do you see your business in five years? Ten?

I could see Locals expanding by potentially opening more locations throughout the county. I can only be in one place at a time, but there is always the option of growth by adding more talented professionals to our team. We actually have one rental station available for a barber or cosmetologist now at our Lakeport location. I also recently elevated my services to include more luxury spa-type experiences. I try to be imaginative and innovative so that I can continue to set the standard for the local barber industry. 

5. How did you market your business when it was brand new?

As stated earlier, I grew up locally, so I was grateful to have many familiar faces coming to support me when I first started out. I did everything I could to get the word out; including advertising not only for myself but for the businesses I worked at. Social media was huge, word of mouth, passing out business cards everywhere I went, and offering coupons and punch cards as well. It takes a lot of perseverance and drive to get started! After about 2-3 years of experience, I quickly gained more clientele than I knew what to do with and continued to outgrow salon after salon until it was clear I needed to open my own business. I also understand the importance of having positive relationships with other surrounding businesses, including fellow beauty industry workers. It’s always been important to me and a great asset to be able to give referrals and share business opportunities with others. 

6. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? 

If I could choose to travel anywhere, it would have to be Italy. I have always had an interest in history and would love to walk around and explore the ruins, art and history museums, see the architecture and immerse myself in the culture (and food!). My husband and I have a plan to eventually go on a European vacation to visit France, Italy, Greece and Spain. 

Stacie Walker – owner & operator at Locals Barber + Salon

Stacie is more commonly known in Lake County as Stacie the Barber

500 Lakeport Blvd, Lakeport, CA 95453 

Open 7 days a week, appointments strongly recommended, walk-ins when available.

Social media: 

Facebook: Locals Barber + Salon 

Instagram: @localsbarberandsalon, @stacie.the.barber 

Website: www.lakeportlocals.com 

Phone number: 707-413-0207

Stacie would like to Pay it Forward to The Shop Coffee-Tea-Etc. in Lakeport.

Stay tuned for The Shop Coffee-Tea-Etc.!

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