Pay it Forward: Saucy Bowls and Juice

I am happy to present to you our twenty-sixth local business spotlighted in the Pay it Forward feature – Saucy Bowls and Juice.

Our recent Lake County business featured was Middletown Antiques and owner, Laren MacPherson, shared her 5 star antique and vintage shop with us all.

The catch is that I will not choose the next business to interview, but the current spotlighted business will choose who I will interview next. Local businesses will Pay it Forward.

Saucy Bowls and Juice is an elevated meal prep establishment – locally owned and operated by Kristen Miller & Haley Teter. Their delicious food and juice options make eating healthy effortless. They offer delicious 100% gluten free organic meals and fresh pressed juices. The best part is that they bring your food or drink to you! They can either deliver to your business or home with all deliveries 100% free!

1.  Why did we decide to start our business? 

Well first off, Kristen has always been a business woman and entrepreneur through and through, and with her dream of owning a healthy food-truck and with my health coaching background; my passion for health and wellness; desire to help transform people’s lives by creating sustainable healthy habits, and clean eating, it was an easy decision to start this business together. Our passions and dreams aligned with one another, and we each bring something to Saucy Bowls that make it what it is  

2.   How do you deal with fear and doubt? 

This may not be the case for every partnership – but for us, the best part about going into business is that we share the same goal and passion to see our business succeed. We also possess different traits, we balance each other out. Sometimes Kristen can be the detail oriented person, and I am the big picture person. So if she ever gets a little wrapped up in the details, I’m here to reassure her that we’re going to figure it out. Or vice versa, because it goes both ways honestly. We carry each other. 

3. How does your business look now Vs when you started? 

Our business is still a baby. We’ve only been in business since October of last year and every day we are working hard to grow our business and make it better…every chance we get. 

The biggest difference from when we first started is our customer base. We have regulars that order ever week and to know that we’re actually here making a difference in peoples’ lives is the best feeling in the entire world and that’s exactly why we do what we do. 

4. How do you set your business apart from others in your industry?

We stay consistent with our mission and values. We only offer the highest quality organic ingredients and we keep everything gluten free! We cater to individual needs whether that is allergies or special diet plans; we’ve got you covered. We also deliver straight to your work or doorstep for free! And all of our meals are designed to be reheated and last for up to one week in the fridge. There aren’t a lot of local healthy options available in general around the lake and even fewer businesses that offer free delivery – this sets us apart.

5. What is the hardest part of being an entrepreneur?

I would say the ups and downs of owning a business, financially. There is no set schedule and you can be sold out one week and then have one order the next. But as long as you plan ahead for things like that and keep good financial records; you’ll be alright.  It can also be hard to convince people to support your small local business over big corporations because people tend to go for the fastest and cheapest options sometimes. Oh and let’s not forget all those gouging taxes on every possible little thing regarding your business! Ha-ha 

6. What is your favorite part of being an entrepreneur?

The freedom it gives us to be our own boss, set our own schedule. We can pivot and expand our business in any way we feel is beneficial with the ability to be as creative as we want. 

7. If you can travel anywhere in the world and why, where would it be? 

Definitely the Philippines! A lot of my family lives there, and I haven’t been since 2007. I miss my family, my culture and all the beautiful places that the Philippines have to offer. 

Kristen would go for all the food and culture, too. It’s a win-win. 

Saucy Bowls and Juice

Owners – Kristen Miller & Haley Teter 


Store Hours

Ordering window is open Monday – Thursday

Delivery the following Tuesday

Deliveries 3-5pm 

Available online 24/7 for any questions

On Facebook and Instagram


Bowl Order Form – Surveymonkey.com/r/98DG2L6

Juice Order Form – Surveymoney.com/r/7BS7SPV

Kristen & Haley would like to Pay it Forward to Sexton’s Auto Detailing and Wash.

Stay tuned for Sexton’s Auto Detailing and Wash!

Lori Armstrong

Lori began her career in the legal field, leaving that position to pursue full-time writing endeavors. Being a criminal court reporter for the Record-Bee, she balances the chaos in her brain by writing children's books and reflective pieces. When time allows, she publishes books for Amazon.

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