PG&E To Begin Important Wildfire Safety Work In Lake County

To help reduce the risk of wildfires, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is trimming trees and clearing bushes, grasses and other vegetation near more than 4,000 distribution poles in Madera, Lake, Nevada, Yuba and Napa counties by the end of the year. Work is scheduled to begin in the coming weeks and will include Middletown and Cobb.  This is part of PG&E’s ongoing effort to improve its electric system for the safety of its customers and communities.

This wildfire safety work is in addition to the company’s regular vegetation management programs and will further enhance defensible space by creating an additional layer of protection between vegetation and electric equipment. In addition to slowing the spread of potential fires, this important safety work will also improve access for first responders in an emergency. 

Prior to work being done, PG&E will work closely with customers and landowners to provide additional information on the upcoming work. PG&E may need to use herbicides to prevent regrowth, in accordance with state and federal regulations. (Landowners can request herbicides not be used on their property).

Work in Lake County is expected to begin in the coming weeks and will take place within a 50-foot radius of distribution poles and include:

  • Clearing brush and shrubs where possible
  • Trimming grasses to 4 inches in height
  • Clearing surface-level fuels such as fallen leaves, needles, twigs, barks, cones and small branches
  • Pruning tree branches that are within 6 feet from the ground

Customers may see PG&E crews and contractors in their area in the coming weeks. As part of PG&E’s vegetation work to reduce wildfire risks, customers may also see other PG&E crews working to keep communities safe by performing additional tree work near power lines. 

Customers with questions can contact 1-877-295-4949 or email wildfiresafety@pge.com.

For tips on how to maintain 100-feet of defensible space that will not only help the homeowner, but also firefighters and other first responders, watch PG&E’s digital video safety series, “7 Saturdays to a More Fire-Resistant Home,” at www.safetyactioncenter.pge.com.

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