Poetry of the Body Contest Second Place Poem: To Keep Living by Lara Patterson

 (Bum ta bum ta bum)
 To keep living is the most you can do for someone that loves you
 Fumes of anesthesia piercing your nostrils
 Falling heart first into a senseless black void
 A crash, so loud the vibrations break and rip apart tissue
 A heart too small to play its native drum
 Its father gives a bittersweet smile and continues the family song
 A new awakening where you love your mom much more than you did before
 The smell of blood, but it's the freshest whiff of air you have ever taken
 To keep living is what you know to do for him
 Freshly replaced yet feels there is still more missing
 The racing highways don't connect with the neighborhood driveways
 The family tune now makes you sick to your stomach
 Since Strong now runs through your blood, endure it and keep living
 Though you can't show your appreciation, keep living
 Though you can't share a warm embrace, keep living
 Though all you have are photographs stained with tears, keep living
 Breathe with the breath he gave you
 Your dad never meant to leave you crying
 (bum ta bum ta bum)
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