Regenerative Farmers’ Guild Workshops Coming to MAC

Friday, February 25, the MAC will be hosting the Regenerative Farmers’ Guild. This event features leaders in the agriculture and cannabis community and will serve as a demonstration of a strategy to build a regenerative farming guild for owner-operators who are faced with economic hurdles and possible extinction. The supply chains are a broken system for the smaller noncorporate business community. The event brings leaders from all over the cannabis industry to build successful business networks for producers to be successful in a very challenging year ahead. It will discuss hurdles in each part of the supply chain as well as best practices towards regenerative farming. 

Local vendors will be on hand offering light refreshments. Weedworld Magazine will be recording and operating a Zoom meeting so the community can attend and get a better perspective on the small farmers in the local economy, their solutions for success, and how to utilize regenerative farming as a strategy to be more profitable as the market is at its all-time low.  

 A suggested donation will be asked and all the proceeds outside of operating costs will be given to the Middletown Art Center. 

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