Retail Roulette: Exploring the Surprises of Lake County’s Falling Price Store

Can I be perfectly honest with you? I’ve spent weeks debating whether to write about this unique shopping experience or not. You can guess what won the debate. 

Do you think you’ve seen it all in Lake County when it comes to shopping? I thought I had. But then my girls came home a couple of times with new clothes and kept telling me about the Falling Price Store in Lakeport. At first, I dismissed them. But then I saw the items they kept finding, and it piqued my curiosity. So, with time to spare on a rainy, blustery Friday, I decided to see just what there is to see in this unique, one-of-a-kind store. And here’s what I found out: 

First of all, lower your expectations should you think your time will be as therapeutic or whimsical as shopping can potentially be. Instead, expect to see or find anything and nothing. Hmm . . . how to explain. Will you find clothes? Yes, you will, but you can’t try them on. Will you find home decor? Yes, but the seasons may be quite random. Will you find shoes? Maybe, maybe not. And why are there boxes of cereal and other food items? You see, there’s no guarantee of what you will and won’t find. Let me explain. 

The Falling Price Store is just that. What is in stock is entirely new “overstocked” items. Yes, new items range from a side table lamp to underwear to lamps. I mean it when I say you can find the most random items imaginable. Sounds like fun, right? It is from a certain perspective. But keep in mind, there is nothing sorted or placed on racks. There are no welcoming decorations, background music playing, or someone to greet you as you walk in. Instead, expect to see random crates full to overflowing “stuff” on a barren floor with blank walls. My friends, this is as bargain shopping experience as it gets. You do the work of finding hidden treasures along with everyone else, digging through large, pallet-sized wooden crates. I’ll be honest with you: It’s a first come, first get kind of a thing, and some shoppers take that very seriously.

The price will be different depending on the day you go. For example, if you go on a Monday, you will pay $6 per item. No matter how large or small, and no matter the nature of the item, it’s a flat rate of $6. Go on a Tuesday, and you pay $5. Since I went on a Friday, I paid $1 per item I bought. Had I gone on a Saturday, I would have paid the unbelievable price of twenty-five cents per item! Now you can see where the bargain-shopping brain kicks in. Wait until Saturday, and what a deal! But then again, the selection will be well picked over.

Have I piqued your curiosity? Good. But remember, when you pay a visit, expect all kinds of shoppers. Yes, you will probably see one or two curious shoppers, the find-a-deal competitive shoppers, and those who came with a crying baby. You will see it all, I promise.

So, in my ten or so minutes of exploring the bins, I am proud to say I spent all of three dollars for a Christmas cape that Mrs. Claus would wear, a giant Christmas stalking as tall as a door and disposable, biodegradable on the go coffee cups compete with the lid and sleeves to boot. And I left with a smile on my face. Will I go back? Oh, probably just to see what there is to see one of these days. Will I spend more than ten to fifteen minutes sorting? Not a chance! But if you haven’t been, then you truly haven’t seen everything in Lake County. Have fun, bargain shoppers!

Trudy Wakefield

Trudy is the owner and editor for The Bloom. The Bloom's dedicated to showcasing all the good parts of life. If it's good news, you'll probably find it here.

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