Samhain: Poetry by Marilyn Hung

If you are reading this on a phone, you may have to scroll to the side to see the full poem. This preserves the integrity of the lines on smaller devices.

Come in! I knew you’d be here this night.
My, how cold your hands are – like blocks of ice!
Let’s close the door, keep the wind out.
The others are already here.
We’ve kept a place for you, here, by the fire.
Sit down, you’ll soon be dry.
Hear how the wind blows around the house,
Rattling the windows.
Good thing we’re inside, safe and dry.
I pity those who’s loved ones are out at sea tonight.
Still cold? I’ll put another log on the fire.
Let me tell you what’s been happening
Since you’ve been gone.
The harvest was good.
No-one will go hungry this winter.
The rain held off till the corn was brought in –
Blue skies all the way.
Remember how blue the sky was that day?
Not a cloud in the sky.
And the sea as still as a mill-pond.
The mill-race nearly ran dry, the rain held off so long.
Then it started to rain, and didn’t stop.
The river overflowed its banks.
No-one could have seen the storm coming,
It came out of nowhere.
Then the mist.
We saw you disappear
Into the rain and fog.
We found the others in the morning -
The sea brought them home to us.
We looked for you all day,
Called and called, in case you were asleep somewhere.
We held a wake for you.
People came from all over.
Many a toast was drunk to your memory.
Grandmother McCready got a little tipsy,
Climbed onto the old oak table, hitched up her skirts, 
     and danced a jig.
You should’ve been here. You’d’ve died laughing.
Did you hear us calling you,
Where you lay, under the waves?

(Here is a link to an article about the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain.)

Marilyn Hung

Marilyn retired to Lake County in 2016, to pursue her interests in writing, painting, gardening, baking, and all kinds of fiber crafts. She lived in the SF Bay area for thirty years, where she raised her two children, and worked as a school librarian, tutor for English Language Learners, Health Food Store Clerk, and Fiber-Crafts teacher. Before moving to California, she lived in England and Germany, and traveled throughout Europe, including Eastern Europe during the Communist era. She believes in the power of Nature to heal Body, Mind, and Spirit, and to remind us that we are all Children of the Creator.

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