Six Great Places to Shop in Lakeport (Plus Four Great Places to Eat)

Lakeport’s Main Street still has many original buildings, and it’s pedestrian-friendly and filled with shops. It’s simple to just park the car, hop out, and spend the rest of the day strolling through the shops, eating, and enjoying great food. Plus, if you’re looking for a diversion, swing by Lakeport–the Courthouse Museum’s one of the best in the county, and it’s right on Main Street so that the trip won’t slow down your shopping groove. 

  1. Style and Soul Boutique has a great selection of clothing, hats, purses, jewelry all hand-chosen by owners Crystal and Kimberly. Plus, they’ve got a selection of unique, and often amusing, accessories to choose from not to mention they carry locally owned Bottle Rock Candle Studios, Wild Bee Creations, Aloha Organics.
  2. Swing by Main St. Art Gallery to view a collection of local artwork. Plus, in the back, they’ve got a selection of locally-made crafts, cards, and gifts for you to peruse. And, if you time it right, you might be able to catch live music at their First Friday Fling. 
  3. If you’re looking for high-end, quality items created with an artistic flair, look no further than Throckmorton Jones. It’s a collection of the unique–find that truly one-of-a-kind gift for the one-of-a-kind person in your life. 
  4. Fixin’ it Up with Sandra might be the perfect place to get a gift. It’s got a regularly rotating inventory comprised of 30% items handmade by Sandra, 30% wholesale items, and 30% items Sandra’s discovered. It’s an eclectic delight.
  5. Campos Casuals has been a Lakeport staple for years. If you’re looking for cool and contemporary, Campos Casual has you covered. It’s got all the big name brands from Volcom to Ray Ban to Vans. Plus, they’ve got a large selection of work boots, motorcycle gear, and skateboards as well. 
  6. At The Helm carries high-quality men’s clothing that will last longer than the season. They carry a collection of flannels, T-shirts, hats, and so much more for your special someone. They also have a selection of shaving accessories, mugs, flasks, and other small items sure to put a smile on his face. And while you’re there, you might as well look at the women’s clothing too!

But Lakeport’s got more than just cool shops. Stop by any of these restaurants for a great meal as well. 

  1. O’Meara Bros Brewing is located a couple minutes from downtown Lakeport, but it’s well worth the drive. Their beers are, according to brewmaster Tim O’Meara, are “easy-drinking”, and pair perfectly with their incredible burgers. 
  2. Park Place, located adjacent to Library Park, offers fresh California cuisine. The restaurant makes all their pasta and sauces in-house, so you can’t go wrong with the fettucini. But it doesn’t really matter what you order. Much of what Park Place serves is locally grown in their own garden located just a few miles away. 
  3. For high-end, thoughtfully planned Thai dishes, look no further than Chalerm Thai Bistro. The restaurant has a pleasant, bright atmosphere that’s perfect for a lunch or dinner after shopping. Their Pad Thai’s light, flavorful and perfectly balanced. Or, for an umami masterpiece, order the Rad Na. 
  4. Angelina’s Bakery: Located on Main Street across from Campos Casuals, this coffee, breakfast, lunch deli and all good things baked has been a Lakeport landmark for the past thirty years. With exceptional customer service, quality coffee, phenomenal sandwiches, a variety of baked goods, plus salads and ice cream for good measure, it’s no wonder that it is a local favorite. 
Trudy Wakefield

Trudy is the owner and editor for The Bloom. The Bloom's dedicated to showcasing all the good parts of life. If it's good news, you'll probably find it here.

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