Summer’s Not Over Yet: Spend an Evening at the Drive-In

Even though it’s 8:30, the night is still warm.  The clear, Lake County sky has turned burgundy-purple, while the large, white movie screen nestles between the sunset and mountains.  The dazzling light of the projector illuminates the darkness as moths flick between its rays.  “Lakeport Auto Movies” shines across the screen, a crescent moon cradling the words.  “DRIVE IN MOVIES” stretches out underneath.  It’s a summer night at the movies. 

Every night the Drive-In has a double-feature on the big screen.  And since COVID-19 happened, it’s a great way to get out for a late night in the summer, when late nights are the best time to be outdoors. 

In order to enjoy a late night at the movies, buy tickets ahead of time, and be prepared to know the COVID rules.  If you’ve got a truck, you’re completely set.  Pack an air mattress, some blankets, and about three thousand pillows, and settle in for the evening.  If you’re feeling industrious, throw in a couple recliners, a loveseat, or the mattress from your bedroom.  You’ve got four hours of movies ahead, so comfort is key.  Once you’re relaxed, tune your radio to 89.7 to get the audio and place your snack order from your phone.  

A tip from years of experience.  When you turn on the radio, be sure that everything in your car is turned off: lights, fans, or anything else that could drain the battery.  And run the car between features, or you may end up having to get a jump start from one of your neighbors at one in the morning.

But one o’clock is still a long ways away, so relax for the first feature. Right now, the Drive-in is showing some great classic films. You may have missed Goonies, but you’ve still got a chance to see Transformers  or enjoy a live Metallica concert. Movies are so much better to watch on a big screen, curled into a sleeping bag, with popcorn and nachos resting on your lap. 

To find out everything you need, visit the Lakeport Auto Movies website

Lakeport Auto Movies is located at: 52 Soda Bay Rd, Lakeport, CA


Trudy Wakefield

Trudy is the owner and editor for The Bloom. The Bloom's dedicated to showcasing all the good parts of life. If it's good news, you'll probably find it here.

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