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What’s Up This Week – 7.12.24

This week, I’m covered in paint again. And once you start painting one project, it seems a thousand other paint projects rear their ugly heads. It’s been so hot these past few days, the paint was drying before I could actually paint anything. So, I took a few snow days off from my paint projects. I mean, if winter can have snow days, can’t summer have them too? Maybe we’ll call them sun days. I don’t know, but I know one thing for sure; I am beyond grateful for air conditioning!

OK, OK, I hear you! Many of you have been asking The Bloom to expand beyond Lake County, and I’m listening to your wishes. This week, Jonah will tell you about our family’s favorite sushi joint in Calistoga. Then, right back home, Kathleen is going to take us on a trip to Lake County’s Black Forest. Then, sit back and relax with a poem by Tom Squitieri in the Our Voice column and catch up on some good news and local history. Have a fabulous weekend Lake County!

Leaving Lake County: Sushi Mambo

It always amazes me how a few miles over a mountain can make such a difference, but coming down St. Helena into the Napa Valley is like entering somewhere uniquely different. Growing up, I always heard about the area and how people called it ‘Disneyland for adults,’ but until we moved to Lake County, I never knew what it was like. Lake County is rural, neighborly, and absurdly beautiful. Calistoga is tamed, agricultural, and filled with people from all over the world. That’s what makes eating at Sushi Mambo so fun. With just a short drive, I get to be a tourist, eating out at a restaurant filled with people from Europe, Asia, and Milwaukee. 

A Tranquil Atmosphere in the Heart of Napa – The Blue Note

With a plethora of live music events happening locally, it’s a rare occasion for me to venture elsewhere. However, when my son’s idol, the very inspiration for his college degree, announced a visit to the Blue Note in Napa, I had little excuse not to go with him. For locals, the Blue Note is the go-to spot for some of the most exceptional artists and musicians touring the United States. And on this particular evening, the stage was graced by the incomparable guitarist Trace Bundy.

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