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Texture in Nature: by Kathleen Scavone

Now, the layers of texture in newly-fallen leaves near the gnarly bark of an oak tree provide a texture treat for all of our senses. Pungent leaf-litter decay- nature’s perfume in fall, along with the kaleidoscopic color of said leaf-litter when the green-machine of chlorophyll stops or slows down allowing other pigments in leaves to become show-offs all vie for our attention. As you slide your hand over the rough surface of tree bark feel the total contrast of the moss cloak it is wearing. The perky green plant feels feathery, creating a wild and natural juxtaposition, the abrasive quality contrasting with wispy and soft moss. Glide your eyes farther up the tree to the beard lichen that is sometimes called Spanish moss. It hangs in web-like and is a faded-green hue, a unique texture in itself.

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