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Snow Day

The early morning sun’s bright winter yellow-blue hues glow between the slats of the window shades. There’s a stillness and unearthly quiet that can only mean one thing–the world is covered in a blanket of snow. Consciousness continues to drift in as a low hum of a generator from a distant neighbor pierces the stillness telling everyone the power is out. The realization that today is a snow day announces itself as a fact, not a maybe. No one is going to work or school today. Mother nature has decided that for us. Another reality sinks in–there’s no rush, no hurry to start the day or to leave the comfort of a warm bed. A smile and sigh seem the only definite choice for this moment.

Snow in Them Thar Hills – By Kathleen Scavone

Snowfall is such a rarity in Lake County, that when it arrives silently as Sandburg’s fog on little cat feet, it evokes elation in many of us. Wintry haikus are created on each bough, and cap the ordinary with glitter, giving one pause at the little miracles falling from above. More times than not, snow falls but once or twice a year in Lake County, with the exception of Cobb Mountain, elevation 4,721 feet and other high points in the county such as Mt. Konocti at 4,304 feet, and of course, resplendent Snow Mountain with its 7,043 foot elevation.

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