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What’s Up This Week – 5.11.23

Hello, my friends. This week, I am slowly returning back to the land of the living as I continue to recover from my surgery. Boy, oh boy, is recovery time-consuming. I’m not complaining; I just didn’t realize how long two weeks can really be until everything slowed down to a crawl.

This weekend, I will spend more time resting at home and celebrating Mother’s Day with my family. But, if I were up to it, and if you don’t already have plans and really want to wow the mom(s) in your life, boy, do I have an idea for you! We’ll get things started when we re-release my trip to Wild Diamond Vineyards. It’s a Lake County treasure and a truly spectacular experience for that special someone in your life. Then we’ll read the next Pay It Forward article, enjoy some poetry in the Our Voice Column, catch up on what’s happening with live music in the Lake County Music Guide, and read a little good news and some local history. I hope you have a special weekend celebrating the Moms in your lives. And remember, a visit to Wild Diamond Vineyard is a guaranteed win-win for oohs and ahhs. Have a great weekend, Lake County and Happy Mother’s Day.

What’s Up This Week – 10.27.23

This weekend there are more things going on than anyone could possibly do, but I know many of us are going to try. There are costume contests, parties, and trick-or-treating happening all over Lake County. Here are a couple of ways to have fun and support worthy causes: Vision of Hope Village, which supports adults with autism/neurodiversity, is putting on a celebration for all ages at the Nice Event Center. And if you missed out on Haunted Lake County’s event last weekend, you get another chance this weekend to support local organizations such as Operation Tango Mike, SPCA of Lake County, Sponsoring Survivorship, and Lakeport Volunteer Firefighter’s Association. Wow! That’s a whole lot of fun and good we can do for our community!

And keeping on the subject of fun things going on in Lake County, The Bloom is thrilled for Charise Reynolds to give us a backstage peek at the upcoming 9 To 5 Musical happening at the Soper Reese Theatre starting tonight. Then slow down with Kathleen Scavone and catch up on what’s going on with Boggs Mountain since the Valley Fire, and hold onto your seats as Mike Guarniero brings on the party scene in the Music Guide. And, of course, we’ve still got a whole lot of good news, poetry, and local history. Have a fun and safe weekend Lake County!

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