Tales from Cowtown: A Puppet Show Coming to Lake County

This June 21st and 22nd, Tales from Cowtown invites audiences of all ages across Lake County to witness a unique blend of puppetry, music, clowning, and storytelling. Created by artists Tayloranne Finch, Daniel Nickerson, and a large crew of creative collaborators, this family friendly show delves into themes of rural resilience and emotional intelligence in the face of climate challenges. 

Tales from Cowtown takes viewers on a whimsical exploration of rural life, weaving together art forms to create a captivating outdoor theatrical experience. Expect to meet many types of puppets: from delicate marionettes to larger than life animal costumes. Supported by the California Arts Council through the Upstate Creative Corps program, the performance builds on environmental philosophy concepts, emphasizing love for the earth and fostering social and emotional literacy.

Central to the show’s ethos is the belief that connecting with nature is essential for well-being. Through engaging narratives and puppetry, audiences are invited to reimagine their relationship with the environment and explore concepts of adaptation and resilience.

Designed for outdoor venues, the show is free to all, with performances taking place in public parks, farmers markets, and cultural hubs. By using natural materials and low-tech staging, the performance embodies the spirit of self-sufficiency and adaptability. Tales from Cowtown is more than just a puppet show—it’s a celebration of creativity, resilience, and the enduring bond between humans and nature.

Join us on this journey by visiting https://www.greetingsfromcowtown.com/ or following The Cowtown Serenaders @thecowtownserenaders on Facebook or Instagram.

Friday June 21 – Middletown Farmers Market – 7pm show

Saturday June 22 – Lucerne Harbor Park – 11am show

Saturday June 22 – Lakeport Library Park – 6pm show

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