The Book of Imaginary Rules: Poetry by Sharon Coleman

its covers open to full wingspan     until the pages flutter       in the bay winds
spine bent back on itself	book, its breast of words	   flits a snowy
plumage 	quivering eucalyptus leaves     oceans inhale           egrets bend 
past gravity          head pulled back         two wingbeats a second       you bend 
into slow wings    a body of new rules	rub your arms into a tensile neck 
wade mudflats           eye an appetite of sky		stretch arms 
into weightlessness         yellowed feet rock-bound           silky strands ripple 
with a bay tide           washing every word away            foot prints write 
the shoreline          as you dance a bird that stalks     a fish    its powerful beak     
your words       preen and jab        along wetlands        eyes squint hunger
into clouds      air in every bone      regret trails feathery      beyond flight	
Sharon Coleman

Sharon Coleman is a fifth generation Northern Californian with a penchant for languages and their entangled word roots. Her poems and blink fiction appear in Your Impossible Voice, Faultline, The Ana, Dream Pop Press, White Stag, Rivet, Berkeley Poetry Review, Ambush Review. She co-curates the reading series Lyrics & Dirges, and co-directs the Berkeley Poetry Festival. Her books include Paris Blinks, micro-fiction by Paper Press (2016) and Half Circle, poetry by Finishing Line Press (2013). She received a Luso-American Fellowship for the Disquiet Literary Conference in Lisbon (2018), the Brereton scholarship for the Napa Valley Writers Conference (2021) and was a finalist for the Jane Underwood Poetry Prize (2020).

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